Tuesday, 9 July 2019


Hey everybody,

as much as I am a multi kit scrapper [see my blog post The joys of scrapping with one kit]. I am also rather careful when it comes to colours. Too bright, too colourful, too many colours - not my thing. But when I saw this layout in the Pink Paislee Instagram feed I was smitten.

Aren't those rainbow colours just gorgeous. And totally without paper, but only elements (I count triangles etc. made from paper as elements)! I love it! So my own personal challenge was on. Can I pull it off? Not sure how I am going to go about it. Elements? Papers in various colours? I need to get my thinking cap on...

OK, like two weeks later I came up with this. The quote I found on Pinterest, the photo that goes so well with it is from Unsplash (my favourite go-to stock site).

I started to create a template for the background and then spent a long time looking for papers (my favourite part is browsing through my supplies). Creating the kind of rainbow effect was such fun. It's quite difficult as sometimes papers just don't look good together and it takes a bit of trial and error to find a combination you like.

Then I looked for some photo arrangement and found a template of which I just used the photo spot and mat.

 Next I added the quote, in order to know how much room I have left.

The template I used for the photo spot originally had a generic doily, so I replaced it with one from a kit.

Next came the stitching.

Then a few handdrawn stars and arrows.

No layout without some grunge and stains, right? There were black at first, but...

...with a gradient clipped to the merged stain layers you have given your stains colour variations in no time.

I added some gesso to give it a bit of a more worn look.

After that I looked for some small items to put on the photo mat and found the perfect dymo strips....lost & mad - how perfect can it get?

So, are you a careful colour user or are you going all out on colour? I might give colours a bit more room in the future after seeing how much fun it can be to create something truly bold. If you are like me, give the rainbow a go! It's fun!

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