Monday, 15 September 2014


It is September 15th, and here on the Pink Reptile Blog, that means it is challenge time again!  But before we dive into the new stuff, let’s pick a winner and give you a chance to see what everyone did for their pages last month. It was fun to see how everyone spent their season (summer or winter) through their detailed photo.

Got curious? Well you'll be able to find them all here in the August challenge album.

Before I tell you about the new challenge, that I am SO sure you are going to LOVE, let's see who our August winner is.


Congratulations Gaëlle!! I have sent you a PM via your Facebook account.
All other participants received their 25% discount coupons via their Lilypad gallery accounts. Please make sure you check your messages everyone!

Here's Gaëlle's super cute page!

by jenn mccabe

Welcome to the September Blog Challenge! This month we are using a piece of artwork created by Mathilde Aubier, for a Rock Festival, as an inspiration piece for our page.

 • To participate, you simply need to create a page, using at least 75% Pink Reptile Products, that is inspired in some way by this piece of art •

There are so many aspects to this collage that could inspire a scrapbook page. I was really drawn to the soft, calming color palette and the textures, plus I think it's really cool that there is what sort of looks like a journaling spot on the art piece. The fact that the page is basically divided into four large triangles could be the starting point for your layout or perhaps you wish to incorporate those over-sized triangles into just a part of your composition. The textures are gorgeous, I could see a page created based on wrinkled patterned papers, wood grain patterns, or fabric textured card stock. The extracted vintage photograph is really cool too and would be the perfect starting point for an art journaling layout. Maybe it is the geometric shapes that you are drawn to ... it would even be fun to create a page with stamped triangles or big wonky dots.

To assist you in creating your page, I've created a free mini kit, with a few key pieces inspired by the collage. Feel free to just pull out the pieces you need. There is a triangle, quadrant template (in PSD/Tiff format) that you can use to easily divide up your background papers. Also included in the mini kit is a wonky dot overlay that you could recolor or clip papers to. There are stamped triangles to play with, a lined journaling spot, and a diagonal title block.


Here's some sample pages from the Pink Ladies to get the creative juices flowing!

Kari created this beauty with a gorgeous pinup inspired photo of a close friend. Love that she used the collage's vintage lady as inspiration. She also incorporated the big triangles, wonky dots, lined journaling, the diagonal title and added lots of gorgeous textured papers on her page! She fully embraced loads of inspiration from the art piece onto her amazing page!

Anja created this absolutely dreamy page with beautiful vintage graphics, over-sized wonky circles, and textures galore ... from the wood grain and delicate floral patterns to the solid highly textured papers. Love!

Geraldine put together this stunning layout using the wonky spots with a soft opacity and two paper tones in the background, as the foundation for her page. She added a black silhouette and placed her title on a diagonal just like in the art piece.  

Emma created this gorgeous page with triangles as her source of inspiration. Not only did she use them in the background, but added fun dimensional triangles with papers and perfect shadows! She also played with lined journalers and scattered tiny circles across her page. So lovely!

Ferdy made magic on her page with her adorable photo ... I really feel the vintage "sock hop" vibe going on with the headband and red lipstick! She also used the big triangles with highly textured papers. She scattered her page with lots of wonky dots and layers of circles (the fun records!) in the center. Such a playful layout!

And surprise! Look who scrapped a special page just for this challenge ...

Our very own Mirjam made this amazing beauty to share with us! She used tons of textured papers and big wonky circles. She also clustered .... layers of circles, an extracted black & white image, and a diagonal title together to create the focus for her super fun page! I am so in love with this page! (also I really need to get my hands on her Heimili Alpha she created for the September BYOC!)

As you can see there are just so many ways to be inspired by this art collage. I can't wait to see what you all do for this challenge.

ONE random winner will receive a 10 dollar coupon to the Pink Reptile store but really everyone is a winner as all other participants receive a 25% discount coupon to my TLP store, so all the more reason to join in on the fun, right?!

Wishing you tons of fun and Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


 by Pink Lady San

This year is just flying! At the moment I am enjoying the last days of summer but you van already see that nature is at the start of a change. It won’t be much longer before the leaves will be turning in all shades of orange and red and I'll be bringing my girls to school in misty landscapes, glad that I have a scarf around my neck to protect me againts the cold wind and the rain. I just love autumn to pieces because I enjoy walking through the forrest while collecting leaves and all kinds of beautiful treasures from the trees. Apple picking at a yard and baking apple-pies and I just love to read a good book all cuddled up on the couch with a cup of tae when the rain is ticking against the window. Plus, last but not least, we all know that this time of year you will be more indoors which means there more time to scrap!

As a font addict I like to be prepared for every season. I already gathered a pretty neat collection of typefaces for the season and would love to share some of my favorite decorative, simple, cursive and handwritten and of course TOTALLY FREE samples with you and hopefully inspire you to use them on your fall pages!

I hope you al have a warm and cozy fall season, take lots of pictures with all those beautifull colors and enjoy!!

Friday, 5 September 2014


I know it's the start of a new month which means I am here to show you what I made for the September BYOC but....that's not all folks! I am also September's featured designer at My Scrapbook Art!

So let me show you the new BYOC goodies that are 20% off through Sunday September 7 and of course the featured kit that you'll be able to find exclusively and on sale for just $4.00 at the My Scrapbook Art store through the month of September and if you are a Featured Presentation Pass Holder, you can even download the kit for free in the MSA forum.

Summer is mostly spent outdoors. Now with the seasons changing we all tend to migrate indoors. That and this month's BYOC colors inspired me to create my Heimili products."Heimili" means home in Icelandic and we all know that Home IS where the heart is!

The perfect element pack to make comfy, cozy pages with a touch of Scandinavian folklore. Included are 50 unique elements [56 in total] in a wide variety of shapes, styles and textures!

10 timeless patterned papers plus 10 beautifully textured matching solids.

This fun and playful slightly wrinkled paper alpha includes upper case, lower case, numbers and punctuation. It also includes a beautiful word art quote as a bonus.

For my Newsletter subscribers, I have a special bundle coupon for you for my September BYOC packs. If you are not a Newsletter subscriber and want to become one, click here so you will not miss out on any future specials or Newsletter Freebies. 


by natascha
by emma
by ellen by sandra
                            by anja
by géraldine by kari
by christa by cynthia by ashley
by kari
by marnel by neenee
by susanne

I am honored and excited that I was asked to be featured designer at MSA! I really wanted to make a super fun, easy to use, versatile kit and I am happy to say that personally I think I managed to do so. What do you think?


And here's a few pages by the pink ladies to show you the kit in action.

by barbara by helen by kari
by emma

That's it for today.
Wishing you a great weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


It is Customer Spotlight time again! Today I am excited to feature the lovely and talented Bobbie. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and spend a little time getting to know Bobbie better!

  Name: Bobbie

  Alias : bjc

  Country: United States

  Favorite PRD Kit or Product: Hard to pick…it’s like picking a favorite child…I love them all!  I guess if I have to say then I love “When I Grow Up” cause it is fun. Love the word art and all the embellishments.  I love “One of a Kind” for just about the same reasons, and love the alphas too.  I use “Date Me All Year Round" a lot.  I always date my pages and look for different ways to include the date.

How long have you been scrapping?
I retired as a Director of an Early Childhood Center and took a class in Photoshop in 2006 as well as several photography classes.  My grandmother has always kept photo albums and I loved looking through them and seeing our family.  There were photos of my dad as a baby going back to the 1920’s and trips they had taken.  The albums she had made were on black pages and she wrote in white ink about the photos.  I wanted to create books like this for my family so that I searched on line to learn more about doing this digitally.  I discovered there were lots of digi scrapping sites and a world wide community.  I became obsessed with learning more and how to create these pages. Since 2009 I have printed a hard cover 12 x 12 book each year of about 100 scrapbook pages I have created throughout the year.  I also have been working on a family heritage book with the family tree and stories of both my family and my husbands that I hope once day to have printed for our children.

What is your go to product? Something that seems to find it’s way on many of your pages?[stitches, tags, patterned papers, doodles, paint, etc]
I like to use patterned papers that work well together.  I also find my pages have stitching and word art. I love pages that use lots of paint and doodles and am inspired to use that more. I often start my pages by using templates but change them around to work for my photo and layout.

What would your dream kit be, if you could have any kit created for you?
This is another hard one to answer because I have a few things that I think of as ME.  My photography and improving it and learning more about photography is something I am always working on so a photography kit would be something for me.  I also cherish my role as a grandma so anything about grandparenting would also be me.  And anything that has design elements that could be used for my heritage pages would also be me. So I guess my dream kit is a photography/grandparenting/family heritage kit!

Best scrapbooking trick you learned.
I love to create shadows that look real and have tried to do this on many of my pages. When I learned that you can put the shadow on it’s own layer and then warp it I began to have lots of fun with shadows.  When I look back on my older pages I see that I didn’t really understand how to use shadows.  I am still learning and want to learn more about shadowing.  I also use the hue/ saturation and colorize to adjust the colors of papers or embellishments if I need to match something on my layout.

Random facts that we might not know about you?
I have lived my entire life in New York State, including going to college and graduate school.  I was married at 19 years of age and have been married for 42 years to my college sweetheart.  We have 3 grown daughters, 3 son in laws and 4 grandsons. Tragically, one of our grandsons was born still at 35 weeks.  Therapeutic scrapping about him was one of the things that helped me with my grief and sadness. Our other grandsons are 5, 11 months, and 6 months. In addition to photography and scrapping I enjoy hiking, biking, travel, skiing and knitting.
Here are a few of Bobbie's favorite layouts:

First Passport

Cousin Love

I loved hearing that your Grandmother's scrapbooks and heritage photos were what got you started in this hobby! I'm sure you cherish those books and photos dearly. I also love the two pages you choose to share with us today. It seems you are definitely carrying on your Grandmother's tradition of being the family memory keeper. Both pages are very classic and photography-focused. The extra time you spend on your shadow work really shows through in your pages. And it is very clear, when looking at your pages that you adore being a Grandmother. Thank you for sharing your work and a little bit about yourself on my blog. I was fun getting to know you better! I hope you enjoy your coupon!

Friday, 29 August 2014


I have a new guilty pleasure: homemade lemon cookies! And it's not just me....Hubby Gurt might even be an even bigger addict than I am!

Only 2 days ago I baked a batch and filled this jar and only slightly ashamed I am telling you that we just ate the last 4!

If you dare and want to give these a try then here's what you need and how you make them.


175 gram flour
175 gram butter
30 gram cornstarch
150 gram granulated sugar
1 egg yolk
2 teaspoons rasped lemon peel [make sure you don't rasp the white of the peel because it tastes bitter]
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice [I squeeze it from the lemon I rasped]
half a teaspoon baking powder
quarter teaspoon salt
half a teaspoon vanilla extract

how to make:
  1. [with a kitchen machine or regular mixer using the dough hooks] mix the cornstarch, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a large bowl.
  2. Add the lemon rasp en butter cut to cubes and mix it until you have a crumbly substance [I use my hands in this fase]
  3. Mix the egg yolk, vanilla extract and lemon juice in a small cup and then add it to the crumbly dough. Keep squeezing [or mixing] until you have a coherent dough.
  4. Roll the dough into small rolls of approximately 25cm in lenght and a diameter of around 2cm. Wrap these in foil and put them in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
  5. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius
  6. Get rid of the foil, cut the rolls into small slices of approximately 7mm and put them with a cm in between cookies on an oven plate that you covered with baking paper
  7. Bake the cookies until they are slightly brown, which is after 12 to 14 minutes.
  8. Let the cookies cool down on a grid.
Variation: Before I started rolling I divided the dough in 2 parts and added a small handful of raisins to one part.

Then hide them somewhere safe or they will gone before you got a change to taste them yourself!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


This Tuesday our Finnish representative, Elina, is showing us the pages that stood out to her in the Pink Reptile gallery at the Lilypad.

I am beautiful by buzinettescrap
Elina: This layout first got my attention with it's bright colors. I then fell in love with the big picture as a background and how it shows the reflection of the sweet little girl in the mirror. There is an awesome cluster in the upper right corner and it's a real pleasure to study all the little details she used to create this piece of art.

sail flying by berniek
Elina: I love the cool picture berniek used in this layout! Combined with perfect fit elements, this page is a real stunner. I also admire her shadowing skills – the rope ladder looks so real I could reach and touch it!

Comme Papa by Ga_L
Elina: My last choice is this little cutie. The picture is just precious and the cool journal card with a French guy makes me smile. I love all the splashes of paint and the scribbles here and there and that brad with smiling sun is so fun! The overall composition really pleases my eye. 

 As always we hope you enjoyed these picks....remember to keep posting your pages to the Pink Gallery, and keep an eye on the blog as your layout could be in the spotlight next month :)

Friday, 22 August 2014

The TLP Quarterly Sale starts today!! HOO-RAH!!

Be SURE to stop by and pick up the following new Pink Reptile GOODIES and of course those you already have on your wishlist at 30% OFF!

After many requests here's a second set of gesso transfers.
You can use them as they are to add texture to your pages, treat them with blend modes, use them as masks and clip papers or photos to them, use them as mattes or whatever your creative mind can come up with! The possibilities are endless!

This super fun and all purpose mega versatile pack of quirky timeless stamps includes 24 unique digital stamps + 1 all including brush set. Use them on your pages, make journal cards with them or use them to jazz up any other project you can think of, digital or hybrid.

A colorful coordinated paper pack - 11 colorful textured papers, 11 fabric ones and also 11 striped ones - 33 in total and all coordinated to be a great base for all of your pages. Stack them, mix them, blend them... their uses are endless!


by helen
by elina
by céline by christa
by susanne
by géraldine by cynthia
by natascha
by manuela by cvetana by christa
by emma by kari
by ellen

Have a wonderful weekend, Happy Scrappin' and of course Happy Shopping!