Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hi everyone! I was happy to read that many of you weren't familiar with pocket letters and are thinking of giving this a try.It's on my wishlist of things to make and to receive! ;)

But that is not what we are here for. I know you are all curious to find out who won the giveaway and which lucky Lucy will be receiving that gorgeous page with surprise gifts included from Géraldine.

Well that lucky lady is.....


If you would be so kind to e-mail me your home adress at pinkreptiledesigns at gmail dot com then I will make sure Géraldine gets it so she can send you your prize!

Thanks everyone for participating!


Hello and welcome to the June edition of Pretty Pages where we scour the Pink Reptile Designs Gallery for beautiful pages to share with you.

Here's just a few of the treasures that Natascha found there.

Dreams by Shivani
This page by Shivani caught my eyes cause of the amazing and very cute picture and the way she used it with the title of the page *sigh* and the element placement is just perfect!!


If Only by AmberR
This page by AmberR, I have a weak spot for photoless page and this is just perfect, love all the paper stripes and her wishes are...well I got goosebumps from them!!


Dancer by Géraldine
This page by MlleTerraMoka, it's simple but yet very powerful cause of the movement of the picture and I love the way she cut out the arm of the little girl!


Just being us by Silent Ranks
This page by silentranks screams silly and fun to me and oh my... how I love pages like this that instantly put a smile on my face! The perfect position and choice of elements give this layout great energy and I just love the amount of ellies Kate put in there! I just can't stop looking at at all the clever and creactive details!


Sing by Mimisgirl
The bold colors in this page immediately caught my eye and when I took a closer look at this page that super cute little girl in the photo stole my heart! What a cutie! Great reading the story behind the picture and I love the combination of those bright colours in combination with the black and white. Great creative title work and subtle but very clever embellishing. Those yellow accents add great interest!


That's it for this month's Pretty Pages, tune in next month to see what else we find and who knows maybe your project will turn up on the Pink Reptile Blog!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I am really, really excited about this month's hybrid project. So excited that I want to invite you to play a little game with me. I will be telling all about it at the end of this post. It's a surprise!

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a new concept of art mail: Pocket Letters™!

Janette Jane is the creator of this new concept. She lives in California and her blog is a wonderful source of inspiration. It shows and tells everything you need to know about these pockets letters and so much more.
Another great source of course is Pinterest. On this page you can find letters, ideas, guides and even templates to create letters.

The idea behind pocket letters is to share letters in pockets shape and offer little gifts hidden inside the pockets.

I SO love this idea! That's why I decided to join into this adventure.

My first pocket letter I made especially for this blog post. To create the page I used Sea Of Love and Scribbledeedoo by Pink Reptile Designs.
I made my different journaling cards in Photoshop with Mirjam's products. Here's 2 examples in .jpg format (3 x 4 inch/9 x 6.5 cm):

Once I finished all the cards I printed them on cardstock, cut them and slid the cards inside the pockets I also printed a few sheets of patterned papers from the Sea of Love paper pack.

I used letters to write BY MIRJAM and GIFT. And I slid a little gift behind the paper of the last pocket [Yes: a surprise !]

Then I created a confetti pocket. I slid metalic plastic dots inside that pocket and I machine stitched it to close it.

And I made a second confetti pocket with old metallic flower-shape sequins  that my great-grandmother gave me and I added some elements like a golden ampersand and a paper clip.

And here is my finished page:

And now the surprise game !

The whole idea of these pocket letters is that they are sent to someone. I decided I am going to send mine to one of YOU!

All you have to do is leave a comment to this post before June 30! On June 30 we will have Mr. Random pick a winner and I will send my pocket letter [with the gift included] to that lucky winner!

Good luck!

Friday, 19 June 2015


Have you ever been involved with a task like exercise, chores, taking a shower, or a walk and you have your earbuds in or you have the stereo/radio blaring and you are singing at the top of your lungs & just enjoying yourself? If so, this is DEFINITELY the scrapbooking kit for you!

It is another insanely HUGE collab kit by Studio Basic and Pink Reptile Designs! This one is all about being yourself, singing, dancing and enjoying life and making the most of it! You do not want to miss this as it is stocked with alphas, elements & papers to go with everything you have in your stash and more! It is perfect with Summer around the corner!!

The collab is on sale through Sunday 6/21/2015 at 20% off.

Includes 2 alphas, 33 papers [22 patterned and 11 matching solids] and 88 unique elements [143 in total!]




Here's some rocking awesome pages by TLP Polly's, the Studio Basic team and the Pink Ladies to get you in the swing of things!

by shivani
by barbara
by caitlen by kim
by ellen
by carrie by cynthia
by jen by scrappurple by julie
by géraldine
by emma
by heyjude by stacia
by li li
by karen

I hope you love it as much as we do. This collab was a fun one to make and we cannot wait to see your musical and fun layouts with it!

Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I always love going through old family photo albums when I am at my parents house. When I see those “old days memories” I am so happy that I scrapbook and make project life pages for my girls. Looking through my childhood pictures I saw a lot a great fonts on the packages and retro wallpaper. I also found a box with old records and books. Looking through all those old treasures I loved the fonts on almost every record, they are bold, bright and still very modern. A lot of retro fonts are still used in the advertisement in magazines and shops. And what about watching old movie posters and see the titles with those vintage fonts!

These “old” fonts are also still great for printables or for a homemade-invitation or for scrapbook pages with your own baby-pictures or school-memories.

Here a my favorite retro-vintage fonts:

1. Deftone Stylus, 2. Riesling, 3. Rocket Script, 4. Bellerose, 5. Forty Second Street, 6. Kilsonburg, 7. Matchbox, 8. Connie, 9. Hermione, 10. Seaside Resort

Oh and it’s fantastic to create something new with these oldies while listening to songs from the 60’s and 70’s!

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Hi everyone! Welcome to the June Blog Challenge!
Can you believe we are half way through the year?! I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that concept! I hope the first half of the year had you taking lots of fabulous photos. Is there one really great photo you adore? If so, I want you to pull it out for this challenge.
Before we get into the nitty gritty of our new monthly challenge, let's talk find out who's entry for the May Template Challenge was the lucky winner. You can take a peek at all the amazing entries  here.

Mr. Random had a busy week, so Mrs. Random stepped in and chose the talented Ms. Lorry!!!

Congratulations Lorry aka lorryfach!!! You have a PM on your TLP account.
All other participants also received their 25% discount coupons via their Lilypad gallery accounts. Please make sure you check your messages everyone and if your coupon didn't come through send an e-mail to pinkreptiledesigns at gmail dot com!
Here's Lorry's beautiful page:

For this month's challenge, let's take a look at the latest post from the Trendspotting series, Out of the Box Photos. I want you to take that really great, amazing "you are so darn proud" photo and make it really shine on your page! (You can use more than 1 photo if you wish.)  
Pick one of the ten designs found in that article and use it as inspiration for your page. Please tell us which piece (by number) you used and how you were inspired. I absolutely can not wait to see these "photo statement" pages!

Check out these jaw dropping, inspiring pages by the Pink Ladies:


First up is a gorgeous page by Shivani, which uses the cut out design of #5 as her inspiration. Love how she changed it up a bit and put the pattern papers underneath the cut outs. Such a fun, dynamic page!


This stunner by Emma, was inspired by #9 and #10. Emma loved the cut out image in picture 9 so she extracted the subjects from the main photo and instead of adding a white border she added a stroked effect to a copied layer of her photo cut out and offset it. She then extended the image by adding the background in b&w on a separate layer similar to picture 10. The end result is most definitely a page where the photo shines!

Shivani was inspired to create another amazing page, this time using #4 and #10. Her use of the triangles on her page is stunning and I love the subtle way the photo is masked and blended, outside the triangle frame, and onto her background. This page is simply gorgeous.


Christa's composition is also made up of triangles, but they come together to form a diamond in the center of her page. Inspired by #6, this series of four photos takes center stage on her page. Love that one is a color photo and all the others are B&W. So beautiful!

Cynthia creates a page with depth and whimsy and the awesome photo absolutely demands attention. Her inspiration came from #9 and she used a very cool, dynamic diagonal pp on the extra cut out. Her creativity is endless ... love all the swiggles and bits around the cut out, creating movement and depth, love the WA and paint on the bottom edge, giving her cut out a foundation and those speech bubbles with the journaling are just a fabulous way to tell the story!


Ellen makes magic with her photos of the streets of NYC. She was inspired by #2 and #10. I love her version of #2 with the Pink Reptile Designs torn frames as her layers. And not only did run filters and cool effects on her background image, as shown in example #10, she also ran cool effects on each individual photo in the frames. Her page is vibrant, colorful and exciting ... just like the feel and atmosphere of NYC streets themselves. Awesome!


Jenn's page uses #10 as inspiration. She used a PRD frame on the main part of the lighthouse image and turned the outer portion into a sketch. She also erased a lot of the outer image. 

I hope you are inspired to create a page that makes your photos shine!

Make sure you use at least 75% of Pink Reptile Design products on your page. Once completed, just upload your page to one or all of your galleries and post a link to your layout in the comments section of this post before the next challenge goes live on June 15.

Off course there's always a little something for free under the FB Free Gift Tab at the  and to be found HERE on the blog. :)

ONE random winner will receive a 10 dollar coupon to the PRD store, but really everyone is a winner, as all other participants receive a 25% discount coupon to the Pink Reptile Designs TLP store. So all the more reason to join in on the fun, right?!

Wishing you tons of fun and Happy Scrappin'!