Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Hi everyone! Karen here. Welcome to the September blog challenge! First things first, we need to announce the winner for the August challenge!!! You all did such a wonderful job with Gaelle's Template!!  You can find all the awesome entries HERE.

The lucky winner for this month is Kimberly!!!

Congratulations Kimberly aka GarrynKim!!! You have a notification on your TLP account.
All other participants also received their 25% discount coupons via their Lilypad accounts. Please make sure you check your messages everyone and if your coupon didn't come through send an e-mail to pinkreptiledesigns at gmail dot com!

Here's Kimberly's gorgeous page: 



This month we are getting personal! Not sure if you have noticed but the name Karen has been dragged through the media this year (thank you again 2020!) but it did get me thinking about names and where they came from and what they mean to you. 

So this month's challenge is to do a page about name. It may be your own, it may be the family name or why you named your children (or pets!) a certain name. I would also happily read about your forum name (any forum!) and why you chose it. Do you like your name, would you have changed it if you could, does your family call you something else?  So many possibilities!


Here's what the lovely Pink Ladies came up with - 

 by karen

 by marilyn

 by trish

 by ferdy

 Now it's your turn to show us what you can do! We can't wait to see what you create!

Make sure you use at least 75% of Pink Reptile Design products on your page. Once completed, just upload your page to one or all of your galleries and post a link to your layout in the comments section of this post before the next challenge goes live on October 15th.

ONE favorite page will be chosen as the winner to receive a 10 dollar coupon to the PRD store, but really everyone is a winner, as all other participants receive a 25% discount coupon to the Pink Reptile Designs TLP store. So all the more reason to join in on the fun, right?!

Wishing you tons of fun and Happy Scrappin'!

Monday, 14 September 2020



One of my favorite sources of inspiration is searching for "paper scrapbooking" on Pinterest. I love the techniques of traditional scrapbooking, but not its mess, so I try to recreate them digitally. This time it wasn't an actual page but a photo by Paige Taylor Evans.


And it instantly reminded me of my favorite PRD products: the Stunning stitches!
So I opened Photoshop and used various packs of stitches (in particular, Stunning Stitches No.10, Stunning Stitches No.8, Stunning Stitches No.6, Stunning Stitches no.4, as well as the amazing In Stitches | Alpha.
I had to recolor some of the stitches to make them match the No probllama elements and papers. And the result is a fun background and page!


What do you think? Do you like using stitches on your pages? 


Sunday, 13 September 2020



Over the past several months, I've shown tips about using the Affinity Photo program to scrapbook digitally. While we digiscrappers always look for ways to use new programs for our hobby, it bears demonstrating that Affinity Photo can also be used as a photo editor, what it was really created to do. One of the simplest and most common edits we want to make to our photos is to convert them to black and white. We've gotten used to accomplishing those tasks easily with presets for Lightroom or specific adjustments in PS or PSE. The process is also super easy in AP. And like in other editors, there are several tried and true methods to get the job done.

The obvious first step is heading into the Adjustments Studio. Clicking there brings up ALL the adjustment choices to scroll through. You can also hit the arrows near the top and get access to groups of adjustments for specific purposes, like Black & White and Exposure. 


When I click Black & White under Adjustments, it comes out pretty well. All of those sliders in the context menu can be tweaked individually to fine tune my results. If I adjust the opacity, I can get a sort of pastel desaturated version of my photo. If I tweak the color sliders I can achieve almost a sepia tone.

If you want to save an edit to recreate it later, just add it as a preset.

Adding an HSL (hue saturation luminance) adjustment is another way of making a photo black & white.

At the core, a black & white photo is desaturated so I can take the saturation all the way to -100%. But I can also adjust the other two sliders to customize to my preference.

A gradient, most specifically a black to white gradient, is another great method for black & white conversion.

The default gradient is really bright! I'll need to adjust the three gradient points to black, gray and white.

Changing the gradient points is fairly intuitive. I click each of the gradient circle points, make sure it's reflected in the color circle and then select the color that I want for each from the color wheel. For a straight black & white conversion I can also delete the midpoint keeping only the two end gradient points.


 One last option for black & white conversion is to Recolor. Like before, changing all the options to zero will desaturate the photo. Then coming back and tweaking them individually will let you tighten up the edit.

Once you've added one of the above adjustments you can always duplicate the layer and change the opacity and/or the blend mode to deepen or lessen the effect. You could also add a brightness/contrast adjustment or an exposure adjustment to deepen the darker colors if you wanted.

I hope I've given you a little taste of the editing engine inside Affinity Photo. We'll dive a little deeper later.


Friday, 4 September 2020


 Welcome to September!!! Summer is over for most of us, Fall is on the horizon and the kids are going back to school...(some to actual brick and morter buildings, others to their "On-Line" classrooms). All I know, is that I look forward to the last quarter of the year!

This month's BYOC palette SUPER versatile and this inspired me to create a range of SUPER versatile products.

I think it fits perfectly with the unpredictable and different times we have all been going through these past few months looking at it from a possitive angle.
I have named this collection "Unscripted". Unscripted meaning informal; not planned for or anticipated.. Now is the time to scrap some of those "unscripted" moments and photos from spontaneous / non-planned happy and fun events.

The new packs are ALL 20% off through August 9th and of course there's special offers for newsletter subscribers!!! Not a subscriber yet? Click HERE to join the gang!
Now let's check out new stuff! 



A great set of 71 unique elements [100 in total !!!!!!!] in all kind of shapes, sizes, textures and styles. The perfect set for some timeless pages about anything and everything that's needs scrapping.


A great set of 10 beautiful, subtly textured patterned papers, 10 alternate color combinations PLUS 10 gorgeously textured matching solids. Which makes this a pack of 30 papers in total.










This realistic looking paper alpha includes upper case, lower case, numbers and punctuation. All seperate .png's, 86 characters per color, 8 colors in total. Perfect for some fun mixing and matching titles or eyecatching monograms. 



Rejoice in the little things, give in to whatever tugs at your heart...and off you go!
Let these 4 amazing 12 x 12 templates help you tell your stories in an eye catching way.


















And with that I am wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, 25 August 2020



Hi everyone! I hope this finds you well during these difficult times.
I had so much fun browsing the PRD gallery at The Lilypad. Here are some wonderful pages I want to share with you.

First, @caapmun is the inspired scrapper that made this awesomely creative page. I just love how she made the title with the coffee beans, the cup, the arrows and the stains.  

My second choice comes from @Claire Grantham, with her wonderful NYC page. It's not that I'm jealous or anything that she lives in the greatest city on earth (I am!). I love her journaling and placement of the photos.

Another page that caught my attention is from @Thuria. I am big fan of her style. In this page I love the contrast between the plain white background and the scatters of colorful elements that highlight this cute photo.

Keep scrapping and sharing your beautiful pages in the PRD gallery. You might be the next one featured on the blog!