Friday, 5 February 2016


I just love February!

And this year it's also leap year where we have an extra day in February. I love the old joke regarding how many months of the year have 28 days, and most people just think of February (answering 1) as it usually ends on the 28th. [True answer is 12 - all of them! Ha Ha!!] 

Anywho. February is also the month of LOVE.
While no one needs just one day a year to tell someone you love them, my contribution to this month's BYOC at the pad can be used EVERYDAY of the year to tell them!

The perfect set of elements to scrap all your cutesy, lovey dovey, valentine's pages and then some! Includes 51 unique elements, 62 in total.

A super fun pack of  happy colored rubber upper case alpha's plus numbers! Mix them or match them. These are guaranteed to add a touch of cuteness and realism to your pages! Also included are 8 color coordinated hearts.

A great set of 10 fun and fresh papers plus 5 beautifully textured matching solids.


by géraldine
by barbara
by carrie by géraldine
by shivani
by manuela by ellen by carrie
by keela
by birgit
by helen by cynthia
by karen
by audrey

Wishing  you and your loved ones a wonderful, happy, healthy, cozy, fun, creative, inspiring, awesome and loving 2016!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing great out there in digi-land! This is Jenn, aka jk703, here today! I've got a super, fun, easy and "creative" tutorial to show you today. Mirjam has so many great kits, and many include word art that you can use on your pages. They are usually very versatile, so easy to clip a paper to, and they lay out titles a snap! But, what do you do when the paper you clipped doesn't look how you want it to? I've got an idea for you to try!

For my layout, I've used Mirjam's heART Elements, heART Papers and Mixed Emotions! This kit might be about art, but it's super adaptable for other instances! I've also used Scrapping with Liz's Recyclables 34.

Here is the layout that I am working on. I'm about to add the images that I've edited, my journaling, and some last minute tweaks.

As you can see, I've added the "Create" word art, and it's a lovely black on my blue painty paper. I'm going to try to make this blue, but a darker shade.

My first step is to pull the blue paper in above the word art, right click and then I choose to clip it to the word art. That looks like this in the Layers Palette:

It's too light. I can see it, but it matches too well to really stand out much! What do you think?

Now, I've decided to try out the different blend modes. With your word art actually selected in the Layers Palette, and your Move Tool also the tool in use, you will then press the Shift and the + sign key, which give you the ability to "scroll" through the Blend Modes. If you like one, and accidentally go past it, just hit the - key, and it will "scroll" back one. If you cannot use the Shift key, then you can click on the Blend Modes and pick them with your mouse cursor, from the drop down menu.

I've selected the Multiply Blend Mode at 100% opacity. It looks still a little light for a title on the page. If you use a mode, and you think it is too dark, or too much, you can easily use the slider under Opacity to a lower number.

Here is what my word art looks like now:

Just in case you wondered about Fill versus Opacity, like I did. Fill and Opacity options allow you to "see" the layer below, and determine how much of it you can see. The main difference between them occurs when there are styles on the layer. Opacity will change and affect all of the layer including layer styles, while the Fill option only affects the layer content, but not layer styles.

None of the other blend modes really work for what I want my title to look like, they aren't showing the right color, or they aren't dark enough! What's a scrapper to do? Well...... lets see what happens if we simply duplicate the layers together. Like this:

A simple duplication of layers created a title that was dark enough, true to the paper color and pops enough to be a title word [in my mind, lol!].

After adding the photos, tweaking some shadows, and adding the journaling. Here is my final layout! A quick and easy way to try out word art as titles, and still work with the colors of the kit!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Jenn | jk703

Friday, 29 January 2016


Today I am putting a pack of papers and alpha in the store I offered as freebies quite a while back so please check your stash before buying!

I really love the color scheme of the papers and the texture of the alpha is just too good to let it gather dust on my hard drive.

A gorgeous set of 6 hip yet timeless romantic patterned papers plus 6 gorgeous matching solids. Perfect for many occasions!
A beautiful velvet alpha that will definitely jazz up your pages and give them a realistic feel! Use these in your titles or as monograms. They will without a doubt give that extra little oomph to your pages!!

by manuela
by susanne
by diane
by ellen
by jenn

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


If you, like me are taking part in the Month Of Challenges [MOC] at the Lilypad then you know all about the Ad Challenges that's hosted by Polly Celeste. If not then let me show and explain.

Celeste gave this gorgeous ad as an inspiration for the 22nd challenge of the MOC.

Amazing right?!!
Well it got me all inspired and my first goal was to try an mimic that sketched drawing with a photo of my own and I was SO pleased with how that turned out! Many people asked me to write at tut and tell how I did it. we go.

I started with this photo. As you can see it has quite a bit of contrast and that will give you the best result with the method that I am using.

original photo

Then I converted the pic to black and white by going to the menu image > adjustments > hue/saturation.

photo converted to black and white

As you can see it's more grey and white then black and white so I tweaked it a bit to increase the contrast. For this I went to image > adjustments > exposure. The values in my tut can be used as a guideline but as each picture is unique you will probably have to play around with the sliders until you think it looks good.

increased contrast in exposure menu

Now duplicate that high contrast black & white photo 2 times you have 3 layers with the exact same photo on top of each other.

Set the 2nd layer to soft light. This will increase the contrast in my face even more.

soft light layer over increased contrast black and white photo

And now the magic comes. Go to your 3rd layer and add a halftone filter. For this you need to go to filter > pixelate > color halftone. Set the maximum radius to 12 [you may need to adjust that number to get the pixel size that best fits your image] the channels are all set to 1 because I am working with a greyscale image. If you want to use this effect on a color image then you can adjust the channels that correspond with CMYK.

3rd layer pic with a halftone filter added

You could use the halftone photo as is of course but I missed a bit of depth and definition. So what I did is I set this [3rd layer] to blend mode overlay and voilá!

halftone photo [3rd layer] set to overlay

That's my finished photo: 
  • a black and white photo and on top of that 
  • the same photo set to soft light blend mode and on top of that 
  • again the same black and white photo as layer 1 with a color halftone filter used on it and set to blend mode overlay

Then I cropped it and this is what it looks like in my layout.

I hope you liked the tut and that you can put it to good use! Of course I would LOVE to see what you make so if you feel like sharing then by all means link me up to your gallery by leaving a link in the comment section if this post!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


For this month I decided to make a card in a box. It's kind of a pop-up card, very easy to make and tons of fun to make, give and receive!

 For this project I used Pink Reptile Limitless Elements and Papers.

As always I started of printing my papers and elements
For this project I also used scissors, 3D self adhesive foam, a plastic sheet, white cardstock, a glue stick and double-sided tape

STEP 1. 
This first step is the creation of the box. For this I used a cardstock sheet in A4 format that I folded as shown below. I cut 0.5 cm from the bottom and top side of my paper [I have to do this, so I can use printed paper on A4 format]

 I cut several pieces of paper to decorate my box:
  • 1 pattern paper strip = 7 by 21 cm
  • 3 rectangles in yellow paper = 7 by 10 cm
  • 2 rectangles for covers of box = 14 by 21 cm
  • 2 rectangles in white cardstock to create dividers for inside box = 8 by 4 cm
All elements inside the box are going to be attached to these papers.

I glued the papers pieces on my card template.
Be careful that you glue those papers in the right place! I chose a yellow pattern paper for those pieces of the box that are on the inside coming out when you open the box. It's important to keep that in mind!

Create the box by folding it together and glueing the little strip to the cardstock.

I added the two dividers inside the box.

And then it's time to decorate inside the box! My favorite part!
All elements are glued on the 2 dividers.

I used my dies and my cuttlebug to cut leave patterns grom the green papers that I printed from the Limitless kit.

Elements are stuck on the same divider as the leaves. I am using foam behind them though, making them stick out more then the leaves that are directly glued to the divider. This creates a great sense of depth.

I added the word limitless inside my box.

For this I used double-sided tape on a plastic strip. The word limitless seems to be floating in the air that way.

Little by little, element after element, the box is filling up beautifully:

View from the side :

After the inside was finished I made covers for the outside if the box, which is in effect the front of my card. To be able to glue those on the box I am flattening the box.

Then I decorated the front cover with several elements :

And voilá my card in the box is finished !

As always I hope you enjoyed my post and if I inspired you in any way, shape or form then by all means make a photo of your project and upload it to your gallery so you can leave a link in the comment section below! I'd love to see what you made!

For more inspiration on cards in a box you can have a look HERE!