Tuesday, 28 August 2018


Hey Everyone,
Welcome to the latest round of Pretty Pages! Much lovlieness to admire this month!
It has been a busy month, we have reached an age where we have flown past kids parties and are now moving onto 50th birthday celebrations  – fun in a different way, far more relaxing when you are not chasing little kids around…

Now onto the pages – so many goodies to choose from!

This page resonated so much with me, have always struggled with the concept that I am actually an adult – how on earth did that happen?? With Just be you, @AnotherAmanda had captured this sentiment in a very laugh out loud way, the photos are spot on. Loving the soft pink paper and the pops of colour, not too overdone but immediately your eyes are drawn to the photos – I especially like the doodles heart and the scatter of hand drawn flowers that add a touch of whimsy to the page.

pink reptile designs blog

Next we have a gorgeous page that leapt out of the gallery for me – @Louso’s Last One – hmmm another fabulous funny photo - got a bit of a theme happenening this month… The colour scheme for this is so classy, off whites, sandy shades, greys and the touches of red – just wonderful. I am a big fan of an off centre photo frame especially when combined with the layering of blocks of paper, with everything softened by the use of paint in the background. It is all held together using carefully placed stitches. If you want to learn how to put together a beautifully balanced page, then this is a fine example to follow.

pink reptile designs blog

Lastly a page to make me want summer to be here now, This by @lorieh – cannot go past a large photo with such great colour and movement! One from our July challenge – the photo strips allow the progression of the action shots to be shown without overwhelming the main photo. I adore the cut out words on the floral paper and of course nothing says summer like yellow. The subtle white checks yellow paper adds depth and brightness, a solid block of yellow may have been a bit too much. The stitching ties it all together and along with the arrows, breaks up the expanse of water at the bottom of the photo, a handy design tip if you are using large photos. And the titling sums up the moment perfectly. Such a great page.

pink reptile designs blog

That's all for this month - as always, leave love whenever you admire a page - we all love a bit of positive feedback. Have a wonderful month and I'll be back at the end of September xx

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