Tuesday, 11 September 2018


I'm always evaluating my current style of scrapbooking and trying to find ways to change it up. Even if just for one layout.

While browsing Instagram, I came across a Russian artist who uses pastels and soft dreamy feminine images on her feed. Right up my alley. But even if that is not right up your alley, I think these design ideas could translate well to whatever your scrap style.

I was drawn to her image of frames because I always find myself using a white stroke as my frame for my photos while scrapping, but these ideas might help me stretch my creativity a little and still keep that white frame that I love so much!

Check out these Creator Stories that she offers on her website for IG users. These are super easy for digital scrappers to recreate for our digital layouts! Add in some Pink Reptile paints, splatters or textures (which are in virtually every element kit Mirjam makes) and you have a recipe for a really cute, unique frame idea for your next photo!

Kristina & Co {kristinaco.com}

  • Love her ideas to put the white frame inside the photo's edge a bit - and actually have some "photo" showing as a border beyond the white frame. So cool!
  • Love the delicate lines and just a little touch of text on the N, E, W, S borders around her photo.
  • Love the splashes of paint and also splatters on some of the images.
  • Love the little journaling blocks next to the photos too. Could be cute with labels?
  • And finally, I love the one where the photo is split in two and some of the journaling is on a transparent swatch of paint. The subtle paint splatter links the two parts of the photo perfectly.

Note: did you see her shadows and curled frames? Super cute right!

Here's my layout, trying out this idea:

What do you think? Worth a try on your next scrapbook page?

The more I look at her inspiration image, the more I think the whole thing might even be inspiring for a template or full page design. If you are a "white frame around the photo" kind of scrapper like me, I hope you consider giving one of these ideas a try on a future page!


  1. Love this Jenn! I want to try the white frame inside the photo border.

    1. I love that one too Monica! Will you come back and post a link to your page? I'd love to see it!