Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Hi everybody, once more I had the pleasure to look around Mirjam's gallery to point out a few (not so hidden) treasures.

First comes Thuria with her gorgeous page for the photography challenge. Spring is coming and I love her photo of the blue sky and the flowers. The clustering at the top and the falling leaves in turquoise are so pretty and make this kind of a line design (my favorite) even when it is not really.

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Then comes Mama Shades with her book layout. Book layouts are awesome, right? I like how the book covers go so well with each other, is that a coincidence? I don't know. I love the extraordinary take on the template challenge with the covers turned into a row of postage stamps.  

pink reptile designs blog
And last the topic that occupies all our minds all the time at the moment. I was actually thinking about that we need to make many pages about this so that one day - hopefully - we can look back at them and feel happy that we got through this awful time without too much damage done. Vixen's "no bread" is something we can all relate to. Vixen is lucky because she has yeast, while I have been hunting down yeast for days without any luck. All of a sudden the Germans have turned into baking fanatics and buy every gram of yeast they can find.

I love her idea to add the map to show that this affects the whole world (which is quite an abstract thought) and how it affects us in detail (well, one of the many details). I can see a whole series of layouts coming on.

pink reptile deigns blog

Keep making those pages and sharing them in the Pink Reptile Designs gallery! Your page might just be the next one featured on the blog!

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