Tuesday, 11 February 2020


Well, I have been craving getting back to good old fashioned, hands dirty scrapbooking.

AND then I remembered that I would have to get out all my old papers, some usable glue, then find some fabric/lace, ink that hadn’t dried up and drag out my sewing machine…

AND yes this would have required a trip to a not very close craft store to find the perfect supplies...

AND then clean it all up again. Sigh – too much work. Now I remember why I got into digiscrapping!

So instead I went and admired others  with far more dedication than I have, and set about recreating the lovely textural look I was after in a digi way!

First the inspiration - I will admit not my current style but they are so eye catching - and the textures always make me want to reach out to touch them -

How gorgeous is this one by Torsa Saha?

Feb 2020 Blog Calendar 11-2-copy

and this from Dorota Kopec - the textured and coloured paste is amazing!

Feb 2020 Blog Calendar DSC_0165

Now how to translate this into our digi world?
Lots of paint, stamps, gesso, lace and fabric swatches - all readily available and the bonus is we can recolour each item to suit the page without having to dig out the appropriate ink (confession - I did love doing that when I was paper scrapping - my finger were constantly stained!) Also don't forget lots of stitching and staples. AND the most important element when it comes to incorporating depth in your work - shadowing! Go deep esp with your flower elements!
Try to keep the colours subtle and close to a natural palette for this style as well. Lots of cream, browns, blues seem to work the best.

I gave it a go - not quite as much depth as I was hoping for but it feels like it is on the right track - I esp love layering the paint with stamps for the background and will be incorporating more of that in the future.

credits: Pure & Simple Elements, New Beginnings.

Feb 2020 Blog Calendar Texture-copy

so go have some clean fun with textures, ink and lace!

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  1. i could have written the same! i love your inspiration pages and digi interpretation!