Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Hi everyone,
The months are flying by now, I am just starting to realise how close Christmas is and mild panic is setting in!

Luckily it has been a busy month in Digi Scrapping world – so many beautiful new pages to be inspired by – love getting to choose a few to highlight, esp with the gorgeous new BYOC kit Younicorn by Mirjam that seems to have been in constant use this month. Still deciding if I love this more than No Probllama from last moth but just cannot split the two!

Ok, onto the fun stuff – my fav pages from this October –
First up  we have @vwsandy – how soft and cute is this page? The black and white photo with the rainboots a lovely colourful splash – a photo made for unicorn elements! The cluster is just perfect!

pink reptile designs blog
Next we have an entry for this month’s stitches challenge (l love stitching on a page - the more the better!) by @KarenC . The Grid pattern allows for carefully placed photos with a balance of paper pieces and elements. Notice how Karen mixes and matches elements from so many different kits - a girl after my own heart there! So beautifully done for a clean and fresh page.

pink reptile designs blog
Lastly, a page from @scrappin2girls that leapt out form the gallery at me. I am always drwn to a black and white page with a pop of colour and this ticks all the boxes. Gorgeous photo, notice the black and white paper under the photo that is off centre. This draws the eye towards the cetre without having the hypnotic effect that it would have had if it was centrally placed under the photo. Little details like that make a huge difference to the pleasing aspect of a page.

pink reptile designs blog

Ok, that’s it for this month. Have a lovely month, don’t forget to play along with our latest challenge and leave some love in the gallery – hugs xx

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