Tuesday, 25 June 2019


And yet again I had to go back and forth and back and forth in the gallery to make up my mind. There were so many gorgeous pages this month, ah, I wish I could pick more than three. As it happens I picked three pages that are super soft this month.

Nuage by Dady

Cattitude is one of my favourite kits (and I don't ever scrap cats). This is a great cat page, I love the way the cat is lying there feeling good and the colours of the kit are perfect for the photo. The cat looks as if it was going to go for the two butterflies any second.
That being said, Cattitude is also wonderful for any other topic you want to scrap - I have used it multiple times for totally different pages.

Pretty Pages June 2019 (ready)  Full?d=1560686879

Now, a dog page. God, look at him (or is it a her?). How cute can a dog be? Love the black strips and the stitched heart. The page looks rather clean and simple, but, oh, so lovely.

You had me at "woof" by michele hillam

Pretty Pages June 2019 (ready)  Full?d=1560898122

And yet another super soft page with this cutiepie yawning his/her (again, I have no clue) head off. I love the papers at the top, this is something that I do quite often to show off all the gorgeous papers that come in the kits. The slightly distressed look is perfect and again, the stitching rounds this off really, really well.

Everyday moments by caapmum

Pretty Pages June 2019 (ready)  Full?d=1560572894

That's it for this month. Keep making those pages and sharing them in the Pink Reptile Designs Gallery! Your page might just be the next one featured on the blog!

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