Tuesday, 11 June 2019


Hi Guys! I don't know about you - but I have just not had a lot of time to scrap or be creative lately. It's that busy end of the school year time again ... and even though my girl is older, she still needs her mama to be there for her for a lot of stuff, even if just for support. So what do I do when I have the itch to sit down for 30 or 40 minutes and make a page? I vow to scrap with ONE KIT. Yup - I challenge myself to use just one kit/collection and not fuss.

There's a couple of good tricks to help you achieve this. First, find a photo that really matches the kit you are working with. This way you are not tempted to go rummaging through your stash looking for other things.

Second, if you can't find the perfect kit to compliment your photo, consider changing your photo to B&W. Anything goes with a B&W photo! Or you can use filters or actions (or presets if using lightroom) to tweak the colors of your photo so they better match your kit.

Third, try to find a photo where the subject is a good match for the kit theme. It makes it so much easier to use the contents and word art in the kit if it truly fits your photo's theme.

Finally, take one fun piece in the kit - preferably something that really fits the theme or mood of your page ... and run with it. Repeat it, enlarge it, make it stand out as a focal point.

I sat down and in 30 minutes I had my photo, my kit picked out and my page finished! My photo was perfect for the June BYOC colors and the subject of my photo - my daughter and her pug, really complimented the Better Together theme. They really do make a perfect pair. So I took that adorable pear sticker in the kit and just had fun duplicating it and making it the foundation for my page. Here's my 30 minute page:

BLOG POST June 11th | One Kit for the Win! Perfec10

So next time you are itching to scrap and feeling like you just have no time, gift yourself 45 minutes and try the One Kit for the Win method. You just might surprise yourself how quickly you can make page come together. If you did that once a week for a month - you'll have 4 pages that you never thought you had time for!

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