Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Hey everyone! I'm here today to share a quick idea for using elements a little bit differently than the usual cluster. My inspiration comes from the cute copper heart cut-outs (there's a stamp version of the hearts too that you could try this look with) found in the new kit More Than You Know. I thought it would be pretty to use these layered as a border running along one of my page edges. I love how one element clustered together for the length of the page can create such a big impact ... and the best part is that it is so easy to do.

Like I mentioned you can try this with other elements - such as the stamped hearts or the ampersand in the kit. Beautiful word art phrases would be pretty to try or maybe even a butterfly. You could vary the sizes and even add in a couple other butterflies from different kits for some added colors. A simple border of buttons lined up would be super cute too.

Here's an example by Neftali Zambrano, which I found on Pinterest, with paper tickets lined up (and color blocked) creating a gorgeous border:

Here's one more example of this idea that I found on Pinterest using a circular word art stamp to make a border by Tachita55:

So next time you are drawing a blank how to get that canvas going for a scrapbook page, consider starting with one element and filling it up on one edge to make a custom border and see where your page goes from there.

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