Thursday, 15 February 2018


Hello Scrapping Friends! Did you all survive The Lilypad's MOC? For the first time in a few years, I was able to complete all 31 challenges in 31 days (with more than half of those challenges completed in the last week!). Eeep! It's a great feeling, but after I finished I felt like I needed to do some relaxing scrapping after that marathon. So for this episode of our Three Way series, where we show you ways to stretch and creatively use you stash, I wanted to chill and play with digital paint. I came up with three different ways to layer a ton of digital paints on my pages ... all with different looks that match and compliment the mood of my layout.

My first page (made with Mirjam's newest template release Love You Beary Much) has more than 10 layers of digital paints - mostly soft watercolors and splatters. But keeping the paints light, airy and in soft pastels you can barely notice that I have more than 10 layers of paint on this page. The soft paint matches the soft photo processing and the quiet mood of the photo.

My second page (also made with Mirjam's newest template release Love You Beary Much) has more than 20 layers of digital paints - and this layout is full of bold & vibrant color! I duplicated paint layers and I also changed the blend modes to multiply, color burn and linear burn for some of them, to intensify the color. I love how messy and artsy the background feels with so much paint splattered around. I think it matches the bold colors of the photos too.

My third page is a clean white space page - but the small painted area adds a beautiful pop of color without taking over the whole page. I grabbed all the paint layers from the previous page - took a few of the duplicates out and then merged them all into one layer to make a custom painted transfer. I then sized it down really small. To balance all that color - I clipped the painted transfer to my title for a fun playful look.

No matter what the mood of your layout is: soft and understated, bold and artsy, or clean and playful adding digital paint in subtle or bold ways can really compliment the whole mood of your page.
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