Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Hi everyone, I just can't believe it's September already... Summer just flew by and in Holland autumn has really set in; lots and lots of rain...

It gave me time to look around in the PRD gallery and I found some stunning pages...

I find it SO hard to scrap a page without a picture, and I was amazed by this page 'autumn kisses' 
from sbpoetIt just looks like the autumn bouquet is falling out of my screen, I love the use of the bird stamp; it looks like it's eating from the flowers. Great page and an inspiration to try and scrap without a picture!

Next page that really draw my attention was this page by mcurttI'm so jealous (in a positive way!) of people being able to mix and match so many different products and make them seem like they belong together. I think this girl totally rocks it: the stripes, the stitching, the use of (so mant different styles of) wordart... I LOVE IT! And again, no picture included...

Last one I picked is this one from cinderella
I love the mixing and matching of patterned paper, she really did a great job combining these 2; I love pastels
The rainbow picture in the round frame is beautiful, I love how she put the leaves around it.

Thank you all for looking, don’t forget to pass on some love next time you are browsing the galleries, we all get a kick out of someone else admiring our work. Wishing you a inspirational month. Keep posting your pages in the Pink Reptile gallery!  Because who knows, maybe your page will shine in our next pretty pages post.

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  1. Cindy (cinderella)26 September 2017 at 18:14

    Thank you for picking my page. What a nice surprise!