Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Hello & Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, whatever you are celebrating in your corner of the world!!!! I am delighted to come share with you some of the so many amazing, inspiring pages created with Mirjam's creations….it's no secret she is so very dear to my heart, and it reflects in her creations how much joy she gives to all of us, so I have to say, not a very easy job to nobly choose this very few…. every page in the Pink Reptile gallery is such a treasure!!!!!!

First one. I love this girl…she is a real active new member to The Lilypad family, and one I have been enjoying page after page…she is stylish and elegant but isn't afraid to fill a page….I LOVE this middle of the way page…. I learn to love tea after 20+ years in England and this page reflects the tea feeling so well, love the vertical composition and the mixing of textures, plus the kit she used is one of my favourite of Mirjam's collabs….gorgeous, perfection in clean lines with an artsy touch with the background paint Awesome.

Tea Please! | DixieDoesPSP

Second one. Oh this wasn't an easy pick, I tell you (in general). First of all, the entries for the Blog Challenge this month are superb each & every one…. and then because also Helene has a few other pages so I keep switching tabs to try decide…! Helene is another gifted lady, and in this page everything shines. The amazing color choices, perfection in shadowing and delicate embellishment giving me things to discover without overwhelming the page….and that treasure of a family photo. Love how the mixture of 2 products goes un-noticed, as it all seems in perfect harmony, like it all came from the same pack…. . More awesomeness!

Wonderful 2015 | buzinettescrap

Third one. And here is when we see the amazing creativity the challenges bring to us…another creative joy from Agnes, whom, I think, has the same passion I have about Mirjam's creations and we want to combine it all in a page and make the words come alive….as she achieves once again in this page. Love the mixture of papers, the way she extended the template, there is so much fun visually in this page…. love every little bit and the more I look, the more I find, plus such a beautiful, full of joy journaling with so much accomplished…I can almost hear her laughter and delight. Absolute awesomeness again!!!!

Accomplished Dreams | Purlz76

Love, love, LOVE the gallery full of wonderful creations,  hope you have been inspired by these awesome ladies as much as I am…. You can click on the layout title and it will take you to their repsective galleries if you want to leave some love (we all know how amazing it feels!) and don't forget to post your pages at the Pink Reptile Gallery at The Lilypad, so we can be inspired by you too and maybe you can end up featured here!!!!! 

Hope we all have a great end of the year, Happy 2016!!!!!!!!


  1. Awwww .... Cynthia, thanks for the awesome compliment. *muacks muacks muacks!

  2. Happy 2016 to you too, thank you for sharing

  3. OMG !!! Thanks you so much Cynthia ! You make my heart sing !!! You are so a wonderful friend ! Thanks so much for your compliment!!!!

  4. Cynthis you already know how much I love you and everyone at the pad. Its my new home sweet home!