Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Welcome to the latest edition of Trendspotting. While trying to select which trend to spotlight for this month, I thought, how could we possibly have a regular series about scrapbooking trends on the Pink Reptile Blog and not talk about crochet?

It is definitely one of Mirjam’s trademarks … she incorporates all kinds of beautiful crochet bits and pieces in her kits and often creates element packs based on crochet pieces alone.  Not only does Mirjam crochet for her digi scrap kits, she is an avid crocheter and creates the most adorable things. Speaking of adorable things, have you met Geoffrey? If not, you must meet him here. There is a whole category for crochet on the blog. And let me tell you, Mirjam is not alone in loving the art of crochet.

I spent a little time scanning galleries, blogs, and Pinterest in search of all things crochet and paper crafting and I promise you the trail of inspiration and creativity was never ending.  I found out that scrapbooking icon, Ali Edwards, uses crochet embellishments on her pages, as do many, many others.  Card makers use crochet bits quite a lot for embellishing their crafts too. Handmade artists are not only making crochet embellishments of all kinds for scrapbooking, but they are combining paper and crochet together with word art … can I just say … LOVE that! You can even find crochet tutorials, for free or purchase, geared towards scrapbookers and paper crafters!

Here is a small sample of the crochet pretties that caught my eye while on the hunt for crochet in the scrapbooking industry.

I have to admit, I tried to teach myself how to crochet last summer and it didn’t go very well.  I purchased quite a few books with instructions on how to make the cutest flowers and things. What was I thinking? I probably should have waited until I could at least crochet a square before making those purchases! Lucky for all of us, we can simply put down the hook & yarn, and pick out a fun kit by Pink Reptile Designs and easily get that irresistible, homespun crochet look on our pages in a snap!

Here are some of the ways the Pink Ladies use Mirjam’s crochet pieces on their pages:

Anja uses the latest Poke A Dot elements for her gorgeous page, adding buttons to the centers and strings around them to give her page a happy, family feel. I love the way she lets them fall off the edge a bit.

Helen also uses the Poke A Dot elements front and center for her sweet page about snuggles after work! I get such a warm, homespun feeling looking at this page!

Cynthia uses the most adorable crochet scrapbooking embellishments I think I have ever laid eyes on for her page ... aren't the telephone and doll legs with shoes darling? These are from Chatterbox. There are lots of pretty flowers in the kit too! 

Ellen uses the Silly Collab, featuring the famous Geoffrey the giraffe, along with lots of lovely crochet leaves to give her clusters of flowers dimension and texture.

If you are wondering how you can find all these lovely crochet pieces, do you know you can do an advanced search for multiple items while browsing The Lilypad store? For Search for Pattern, simply type in crochet and under Designer, select Pink Reptile Designs ... and you will see all the PRD products with crochet items.

So cool! And here is a closer look at the latest crochet element pack, Poke a Dot, from Pink Reptile Designs. Newly released and it matches the entire September BYOC at The Lilypad. Gorgeous!


So ... let us know! Do you love to use crochet pieces on your pages? If so what are your faves?

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