Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Today Candice is sharing a small selection of pages that stood out to her in the Pink Reptile Gallery at the Lilypad.

by candice

Joli Coeur by louso
Candice: My first selection for the Pretty Pages is this beautiful “white space” layout!  Choosing the white background paper was a great choice combined with the pop of color in her clustering it makes this page really stand out! The photograph caught my eye right away...just look at that priceless smile!  I love how louso has used a variety of my favorite trends!  For example, I love the combination of the kraft paper alpha and font for her title work!  I am also fond of the ribbon and paper strips stacked under her photo, the clustering is fantastic! 


My Nephew by cfile
Candice: My next selection is this super-incredible layout by cfile.  I absolutely love how she’s used the “shorts and trousers” behind her right-side photo, not to mention her flawless blending throughout the entire page!  Next, take a look at how she’s used the clock; it is genius how she’s placed the clock needle on top of the photo with the clock stamp underneath - brilliant!  Last but not least, showing the “before and after photos” from 1995 and 2014 were sincerely fun to view…what a great way to use this kit!


This is Rad by jenn mccabe
Candice: My third and final selection is this very awesome vertical-style layout by Jenn.  This layout caught my eye for several reasons.  First of all, there are so many Pink Reptile Designs products represented here!  Secondly, I thought the photo was great; it too has a vertical boat which made Jenn’s design choice even more interesting and perfect!  This layout is so colorful, I love the primary colors combined with the splashes of black, for me, that is what made this layout really “pop!”


Hope you enjoyed these pages and got as inspired as I did....remember to keep posting your pages to the Pink Gallery, and keep an eye here as your page could be in the spotlight next month :)


  1. Thank you Candice :) I really appreciate it.. Thanks again! I am smiling that you liked it so much!!


    1. It's a GREAT page Christa and a very much deserved spotlight if you ask me!!! ♥

    2. Yes, Christa, and absolutely deserved spotlight! Your layout is awesome!!!! :)