Tuesday, 9 June 2020


I am loving the trend towards larger full pictures I have been seeing lately. It is such a lovely way to personalise your own page and it can make such a huge impression. These obviously suit grand travel photos with lovely large vistas but how to take advantage of this trend while the photo opportunities are running low?
How about just focusing on your everyday life? Take a photo of on of your rooms - don't tidy up - just run what what you've got! Then up the photo processing to give it a slightly unrealistic feel (I have used Radlab and upped the light and cross processing to give this photo a brow/yellowy tinge).

Then go around and take detail shots - Things that are important or quirky or things that you love. place them scattered around the main photo - maybe you would like to add arrows or lines from the details photo to their location in the room. A quick note about each item so that in years to come you can look at it and have a hint as to why they are important - so going to need that as I get older...

 Accessories and additional elements can be kept to a minimum, too many and the page veers towards the messy (I know, I nudge that line very heavily most of the time!) I can see this working beautifully for a garden - big picture of entire garden - small details of flowers, insects, birds etc. Also a bookcase, magnifying your favorite books, even take a shot of your pantry or fridge - I wish I had photos of these from my childhood or even from when the kids were little.

And of course you can always revisit your travel photos and redo them in this style - focusing in on the details this time instead of going for the more familiar shots. No need for any text in this situation, it is self explanatory. Again I have gone for a nostalgic hyper processing for the background - maybe a different shot could have added more contrast but I like the monochromatic feel of the piece.

Have fun, give large photos a shot and see you soon xx

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