Tuesday, 12 May 2020


Hi Everyone,
Never have the words “Hope you are Well” have such meaning behind them. It is an unprecedented time and we have a craft that is fully able to memorialize these days. And your pages will be important documents for generations ahead I the same way we look with wonder and interest at the diaries and scrapbooks from the World Wars.

I have a slightly different take on the monthly blog post – it’s a checklist of ideas to scrap for this pandemic

• Weekly planner pages - day to day life documented
• Before/after photo shoots – I have done this with my local supermarkets toilet paper aisle – now that we are back on a more even keel here, it seems so weird that everyone was obsessing about toilet roll just a short period ago

Christa has looked back at her old normal on her page

• How your country/region is dealing with the Corona Virus out break
• Home schooling – this is such a big one! Both the good and bad bits – I am lucky that my one home schooler is in his last year and all I can add to his learning is food supply and occasion nagging.
• Working from home or having a partner or child working from home – does it work for you? Do you still have to front up to work, how different is it with social distancing?
• New habits formed – sleeping more/less, eating more home cooked meals, wearing masks and gloves when you leave home, cleaning more (ha!)
• New hobbies taken up or old ones renewed -

Marilyn has brought our her machine to make some beautiful masks

• Zoom meetings with friends and family, take the occasional screen shot, they are usually not high quality but that really doesn’t matter
• What you miss most – travel, parties, gym, eating out or even hugs from friends - do you still celebrate occasions - if so how?

Kate documented how she celebrated St Patrick's Day this year even in lock down - perfect!

• If you are unlucky enough to have symptoms, how and where did you get tested – my friend was tested and was in tears because they couldn’t get the swab in properly so it was quite a painful procedure but for others it was less intrusive…
• We are just starting to reopen businesses here in my area, back to school this week for 4 days a week – how are you coping with this change – looking forward or dreading it?
• Are you already in planning for your next holiday when it is all safe to travel again – if so where? Or just dream aloud of the places you would love to go if you could…

And lastly –

• Never forget to document your emotions over this tricky time – I have had days where I just want everyone out of my house (can’t I just self-isolate all by myself just for a day? Please?) and other days where I am oh so grateful to be living where I am – happily this outweighs my bad days by an enormous factor! Art journaling is your friend for this type of record keeping!

These are just a few ideas to keep you thinking, look around the internet for variety – Most designers have monthly challenges, including here and of course over at The Lilypad, these are great to kickstart your documentation of this important era!

Sending virtual hugs to everyone - Stay safe and look forward to catching up again soon


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