Tuesday, 19 May 2020


This month I created two art journal pages. Since the quarantine started I find I finally have the time to create some Art Journal pages.

Here are 2 examples of hybrid art journaling that I did. I used white acrylic paint, stencils, inks, and printed elements and papers from Pink Reptile Designs


My Art Journal booknote is an old Smashbook, that I never used.
The first step is to cover the page with white acrylic paint. The acrylic paint will create a plastic layer to waterproof the paper. I'll be able to play with the inks more easily because they won't be absorbed  immediately by the paper.

I cut small pieces of papers from Forget Me Not | Papers and Pure and Simple |  Papers, and I glued them with white paint to create my background. The colour of the paper is blurred thanks to the paint that creates a layer.

I used a stencil to create an embossed dot pattern with white paint.

I cut a leaf element (Room With View | Elements) and I glued it on my page

I stamped a pattern with brown ink to complete my background

Then I created some stains, but I'm a cheater ^^ I used a stencil to create perfect stains.

I added some more ink splatters and I glued this beautiful red flower from Room With Wiew | Elements on top of them.

Then I added the wordart 'limitless' (Limitless | Elements) to finish my art journal page.

My hands are dirty and I'm very happy with the end result!


I made my second page with Flaws and All | Elements. As you can see I started with printing a selection of elements.

I love this sketched girl! She will be the focal point of my page. First I created my background with stencils and ink to create flowers.

I added a stamp and I glued on a butterfly instead of using the gesso because I wanted to keep the beautiful pale and subtle color.

To complete my background, I added some colored stains. I made them with watercolor pencils.

Then I attached the skteched girl portrait.

The paper absorbs watercolor paint and this way the portrait and the background are blended into one. I added flowers on the portrait to merge the elements with the background even more.

To finish my page, I added a yellow butterfly and the text element.

And this is what my second Art Journal page looks like!

As always I hope you enjoyed my post and if I inspired you in any way, shape or form then by all means make a photo of your project and upload it to your gallery so you can leave a link in the comment section below! I'd love to see what you made!

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