Tuesday, 14 April 2020


All of us have probably gigabytes and gigabytes of supplies that we have forgotten about. Some we never liked and some went out of fashion years ago. I remember the beginnings of digiscrapping when eyelets and brads were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then some time later corrugated cardboard came along and was all the rage. To be honest I haven't used it in a long time and I haven't thought of eyelets for even longer. I always thought it was kinda cute to have another paper underneath and cut out the circle to let that paper look through. But somehow they fell by the wayside.

So today I went and dug out some old supplies and saw what I could do with them. Old fashioned doesn't mean unusable and if you are on a budget it might be a cool idea to check out your stash and use what you haven't considered in a long time.

For this page I used mainly an older kit called "Tales of Spring" which was part of the BYOC in April 2018. It has a few cardboard pieces in it as well as a gorgeous zipper which I just had to use for my little cluster. Haven't used a zipper in ages (if ever).
Next: eyelets. I looked for eyelets in Mirjam's kits and actually came only up with one (could be they are called differently though). The one I found was perfect for my page, so that was no problem. Together with the paper underneath I think they make a nice embellishment for the title.

All in all I am super happy with the way my page turned out. I encourage you to go and create a page with some old supplies and see what they can do for you still instead of discarding them as unusable anymore.

And if you are looking for new inspiration you might find a piece of cardboard or two in one of Mirjam's coming up releases.

A touch of ink; Homebody; Just like Dad; Tales of spring; Make it happen; Better together; Masquerade 1; Bordered. Fonts: Alek, Courier New.

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