Tuesday, 12 November 2019


I have always struggled with titles on my pages and quite often just leave them off altogether (also a perfectly fine option btw!) But one of the best things about Mirjam’s BYOC contributions every month is the wealth of Alphas that she makes available. The rainbow of colours are so versatile and suit every layout that comes to mind. I am always in awe of the way the Pink Ladies use these alpha’s and get inspired by them all the time.
So today, I’m just going to show you some of my favourite versatile alphas available and a gentle reminder of the different ways to use them by our fav Pink Ladies! I will include the alphas used so you know what to look for if something appeals to you.

Black is always a winner!

A black Title goes with everything – it is the Little Black Dress of Titles.  On a busy page it is a standout, on a monochrome page, it adds a touch of class.

page by sheri


page by manuela


Use your Rainbow
The beauty of having a full set of colours included in many of the alpha sets is unique titles you can end up with.  Either mixing up your colours in individual words or having a single colour per word, the look is always fun.

page by marilyn

page by christa
Inked Alphas are on trend
Ok, this may be a bit biased but I loved Inked alphas and they with Art Journalling type pages overlapping with your more traditional pages, the Inked alpha is perfect. Also changing colours to exactly match your photo, elements or emotions of your page is a snap!

page by rikki


page by shivani

(This Ink Pad Alpha is one of my all time fav alphas)

Using alphas within your journaling.
I am so stealing this idea from Heidi!  She has used the No Probllama alpha, word art and buttons, that is perfect for the gorgeous group photo. 

page by heidi

Mix it up
So many pretty alphas – why not mix and match different alphas?

page by karen

I’m sure there is nothing new here but just a nice reminder of how much fun a good Alpha set can be!

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