Tuesday, 16 April 2019


The year is going so fast and we are already in April. Spring has arrived and everything is going to grow and bloom again. In recent months I have developed a new way of keeping track of things and I don't do that in a standard planner but in a bullet journal. Here I make my to-do lists, write down memories and stick nice pictures  that I find on pinterest or in magazines to embellish. It is great way to personalize your own diary / journal with paper, washi tape and stickers.

Pictures from Pinterest and from myself
For the weeks I also like to make my own stickers and especially for the days of the week and some of the typical things you do during a day.
On those dividers of the weeks and days it is nice to use beautiful fonts that you can print on (sticker) paper or you can use them to practice with hand lettering. Here are my favorite fonts for my bullet journal.

1. Bargeritho, 2. Perfect Day, 3. Blue Pen, 4. Sheila Crayon, 5. Typewriter Dry, 6. Badrudin, 7. Jacklyn Milner, 8. Ottoman, 9. Summer Morning, 10. Black Pink Signature

I’ll hope you will have a great spring and I’d like to know if you have a bullet journal?

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