Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Hello everyone, I hope you have had a great summer vacation and are enjoying the normal rhythm of life again. Here we are still enjoying some rare sunshiny days which still make it deel like summer but the leaves of the trees are already changing color, from green to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. 

Pictures are from Pinterest

This golden hour gives nature a beautiful shine and all colors seem to be even brighter. I just love the DSD BYOC Color challenge at TLP and just love to make a moodboard with beautiful colors.

If you link a subject to a color, we'll soon think off  green grass, white snow, brown bag etcetera. So I thought it would be nice to pick some fonts with a touch of color. All free to download.

1. KG True Colors, 2. Blueberry, 3. Red Velvet, 4. Black Friday, 5. Orange Juice, 6. Pink Ladies, 7. Lemon Yellow Sun, 8. Green Tea, 9. Brown Bag, 10. In Screaming Color

So whats your favorite color? I'd love to know!KG

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