Tuesday, 8 May 2018


With the winter months behind us, I am enjoying the first rays of sunshine. I love that I can open the backdoor again and hear the birds chirping. Everything will be green and colorful again and I think it's nice to fill my garden with violets and other colorful flowers and there is also a large vase with tulips, my favorite flowers, on my dining table. Nothing is better to start your day with a cup of coffee in the garden. The blossom decorates the entire street with tiny white and pink flowers. It is wonderful to be outside again.

Pictures are from pinterest and the tulips from myself.

I am photographing again, after 2 years  I’m so enjoying taking pictures to capture everything that suits me.

For all those nice spring pictures here some nice fonts to use and all free to download!

1. blossom, 2. awesome birds, 3. in the garden, 4. tulip, 5. springtime sunshine, 6. little bird, 7. spinnenkop, 8. daisy days, 9. breakfast and chill, 10. green grass

I’ll hope you all enjoy this springtime, make memories and go outside and look around!

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