Saturday, 5 May 2018


Apart from that colorful May BYOC there's more new stuff from Pink Reptile Designs this weekend. I made another 4 new products that are 30% off though May 7 but I am also offering them at an INCREDIBLE 65% OFF BUNDLE PRICE of 5 DOLLAR!

Don't miss out because the offer is valid through May 7 ONLY!

A beautiful set of 60 quirky and unique elements in all kind of shapes, sizes, textures and styles [83 in total!!]. The set is made to capture the little things of our daily lives because it's those little things that make life special and unique and it's why they are important to capture for future generations.

A great set of 12 go to patterned papers, 12 alternate color combinations PLUS 12 beautifully textured matching solids. Which makes this an AWESOME pack of 36 papers in total!!


A playful lower case puffy sticker alpha with numbers and punctuation that comes in 10 easy to use and re-use colors! Perfect for mixing and matching and creating eye catching titles. Also cute as tiny monograms. Includes:
upper case, numbers and punctuation  [60 characters in total per alpha, in 10 easy to use colors, all seperate .png's.]

An awesome pack of elements that will help you state and date your stories!

Includes 139 individual elements:
bread clip in 10 colors, 8 super cute fabric buttons, a clear acrylic month calendar provided as is and as 42 individual .pngs, plastic days of the week strips in 7 colors [all seperate .pngs], 3 doodled arrows, months of the year chips [all seperate .pngs], wire quotations marks, 2 stamps [ampersand, arrow and quotation marks], cross stitches [in 9 colors]

Have a fantastic weekend, Happy Scrappin' and Happy Shoppin'!

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