Monday, 5 March 2018


Charcil or Pencoal? LOL! Combo of pencil charcoal look. PenChar?  :teehee:

First, make a duplicate of your photo - right click to duplicate or Command + J. This way the original is still available.

Next, choose the new duplicated layer in the Layers Palette. Then click on Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. This will cause your image to turn to a black and white version. I believe for PSE users you have to choose to Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue & Saturation. Then bring the saturation slider all the way to the left.

Here is my Layers Palette. You will now choose the top layer.

Remember that the Top layer in the Layers Palette should be chosen. Next, change it’s Blend Mode to Color Dodge.

Your image will have an almost over white black and white image. Like this:

The top layer is still selected at this point. Next, click Image > Adjustments > Invert. (For PSE it’s Filter>Adjustment>Invert.) Your image will turn ALL white right after inverting it. It’s normal. Ok.

Next, click on Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur. You will move the slider to a lower number, probably between 20-60, depending on your photo. Mine is around 46.

The image lost a lot of it’s detail when we added the blur. We will get some back.

Create an Adjustment Layer for Levels. I used the half white/half black circle on the bottom of the Layers Palette to do this step.

Now, choose the middle triangle under the chart. Slide it to the right. It will change the image, so watch and slide at the same time. It will bring some of the detail back.

I feel that the surrounding area takes away from him, so I’m going to bring a little more focus to the image. There are two ways to do this. Either using the Eraser Tool, or the Brush Tool. For the Eraser, you basically choose that, and then erase.

For the Brus method select the layer just under the Levels Adjustment. Press D to change your foreground and background colors to the default setting.
Now, choose the Brush Tool, and use a Soft Round Brush, and you will brush over the edges with white.

Here is my final image:

Hoping you enjoyed trying something new this month!
Thanks for visiting!

Jenn Marione | jk703


  1. This looks like fun to do. This is something we would like to do, and hang them up at home, or in the office. Thanks for sharing on how to do this.
    World of Animals