Friday, 13 October 2017


Hi friends! Today we are sharing something a little different with you here on the blog. We thought it might be fun to showcase a page from the PRD gallery and have three of us scrap lift it. As we move along in this Round Robin style scrap lift adventure, the page design will morph and change a bit, as each scrapper puts their spin on things. So are you ready?

I'll start by grabbing this beautiful Sisters page by dvhoward.

By DVHoward

I loved the linear composition across the top third of Diane's page, so I stuck with that as I created my page. I also was really drawn to all the color and the fun clusters of different elements and textures ... so you can really see those aspects in my take on the page. I also left the title in the same location, but did choose to add a bit of journaling which ended up changing the overall design slightly by adding some text and a tiny sprinkle of elements in the bottom right corner. Instead of the paper strips, I let the crochet and flower borders fill in as a foundation to move the eye from left to right. I added an extra photo too. Here's my take on Diane's page:

By Jenn

Next up in our Round Robin scrap lift is Rikki who states: I was inspired by the diagonal layout that I wanted to recreate without too much clustering or layering. So I chose journal cards and rectangle elements and papers. To emphasize that I added paper squares in the corners and ribbons. Also I was drawn to the pink and yellow colours (which complement the b/w photo nicely, I think) and the crochet elements and added the same yellow crochet border to my pink journaling card. Here's Rikki's take on my page:

By Rikki

And finally we have Nini completing our Round Robin lift. Here's what she has to say about the process: I was first of all inspired by the flow of the papers and photos, the tile/mosaic style of it. I followed that to place my photos and some bits of paper here and there. I liked the pop of flashy pink also because it was just perfect to go with my freshly taken pictures. From her page I also took the buttons on paper bits placement, the arrows (in the ribbon for her) and the stitches and arranged them on my page to my taste. Like her, I placed my title on a paper spot but not all. I mixed it up with a more calligraphic/handwritten font for the most important words because I like big titles and I love calligraphic fonts :giggle: she had a subtle brush overlay on her background and I used a few too as color accents but I can't resist splatters and paint or brush overlays and I couldn't stop at just 1! lol. Here's Nini's take on Rikki's page.

By Nini

Wasn't that fun to see how we took one page and watched it morph as it made it's way through 3 different scrapper's digital hands? I loved seeing this process progress! Keep adding your pages to the PRD Gallery and maybe next time your page will be the one lifted.

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