Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Summer is over and the leaves are falling slowly from the trees, it's autumn and Halloween is almost there. Here in the Netherlands, it's not something we celebrate but we see more and more of the Halloween theme round october. When I see all the nice things, decorations, shattered faces, nice wrapped sweets and beautifully dressed up people, I think it could be a success here too.I know me and my children would love to go trick or treating!

There will be a lot of photos taken during Halloween and then it is nice to create a layout with a scarry font or something for a home decoration to “scare” off people or wrap the candy in an extra special way. That's why I've been looking for creepy fonts and they are all free for download.

1. One Two Trees, 2. I Still Know, 3. Halloween Is Back, 4. Sketch Bones, 5. Anywhere But Home, 6. Monsterama, 7. Monkey Snake, 8. October Crow, 9. Witches Magic, 10. Jellyka Castle's Queen

And with that I would like to wish everyone a great fall and Happy Halloween!!

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