Monday, 7 August 2017


Hello scrappers! This is Jenn, aka jk703, and today I'm going to show you two of the fun ways you can change up and use your alphas! Every part of a kit can be stretched and re-used differently, and that gives you more options when scrapping! For my post today, I'm using Mirjam's Cattitude.


we are going to start basic this tutorial - clipping and cutting.

The easiest way to change an alphabet is to clip a paper right to each of the letters. Very simple and can change a whole layout!
Here is the Layers Palette. A paper is above each letter. Just right click on the paper layer, and choose Create Clipping Mask. Then add the shadow to the letter, NOT the paper, and you're done!

The final result:

Another easy way to use your alphabet is to use the shape of the alphabet. Yes, the shape. For this version, you have two pattern background papers layered. On top of the patterned papers, you then have your letter layers. Like this:

Press the Control key and click on the letter. You will get marching ants. Find the top patterned paper layer in the Layers Palette, and then press delete. Do this for every letter you have in your word. Then, when you are done, turn off all the letters by clicking on the little eye on the left side. Next, you will add a shadow to the top layer of patterned paper. This will create a layered paper look and your alpha shape will be shown off nicely.

Not hard at all, and what a different alpha you get to use! Infinite possibilities!

Hope you give it a try! We'd love to see what you create!
Thanks for visiting!
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