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Hi Everyone! This is Jenn, jk703, here today to bring you a tutorial to show off your journaling! No groaning, lol! I'm not going to make you journal, but I will show you a way to make it pop out or blend in a little better. It all depends on how you use the tutorial on your layout!

For my layout, I've combined a whole slew of products. Here they are: Homebody Papers, Homebody Elements, Blue Skies Papers andBlue Skies Elements. At first glance, you might not combine them, but the blues and oranges really were perfect together!

Let's get started. First, here is the layout that I'm working on. I've used lots of pattern papers, and now, I plan on journaling on the dark pattern. Though, when I do, it's not very legible. So, I'm going to add a basic color box underneath to help my journaling pop on the busy pattern.

As an example, here is where I plan on putting my journaling. But... as you can see, white will not work, it doesn't blend, and it's glaringly white. :) I would like to create a journaling spot that blends into the pattern.

Start with a new layer. Then I'm going to use the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make an outline of where I want my journaling to be placed. After I have marching ants, I click on the Background Color box, and then use the color picker tool to choose the color that I want my shape to be filled in with.

Before I actually fill in my marching ants, I'm going to change the shape. I use Select > Modify > Feather. Then I choose 75. I want to blend outward by 75 pixels. It might seems like such a long distance, but it will blend well, and feather out to a lighter fill.

Then I press Control + Backspace, and my shape has filled in with the background color that I had chose. Once the shape is filled, you can see how the feathering changes the edges. They are much softer.

Here is what I have in my Layers Palette.

Now, we will add journaling. You need to try different colors, both light and dark to see what looks best on your layout as well as on the pattern. Playing around with blend modes of the actual journaling spot to see what works best with the pattern. You may also want to play with the journaling's blend modes as well. I changed the color a bit and the blend mode so it seems to blend better.

Here is a dark font:

Here is a lighter font:

Here is how I chose to finish my layout.

I also found another layout where I did this on a lighter patterned background, using a white journaling spot. Here, you don't see the blue boxes in and around the journaling. Easier to read!

Hoping you enjoyed this tutorial! Have fun scrapping!
Thanks for visiting!
Jenn | jk7033

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