Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Hello all, I am just so stunned that 2016 is almost at it’s end. The year has slipped through my fingers so fast with all the happy, great and sad memories and now we are going to have all those great holidays and we almost step into 2017. I started this year with my project life album and I had to stop after a couple of weeks  because of a backpain. I couldn’t sit behind my desk that much and afterwards there were to many weeks to catch up I got discouraged. I defenitly want to do a PL-album next year, like to try a simple and clean, modern look so I’ve been searching for some great fonts to journal our weekly adventures. I always use a handwritten font for little quotes or a headline, when I write a memory I want to have a clean, simple and modern font that is easy on the eye.

photos found on Pinterest

And there are many many clean and simple fonts you can use for journaling. Here are my fave I probably going to use one or two of these to capture my memories for 2017 and they are all free to download:

1. Bebas Neue, 2. Caviar Dreams, 3. King Typewriter, 4. Pompiere, 5. Walkaway, 6. Basic Title Font, 7. Prosciutto Sansish, 8. Winter Sans, 9. Matchbooks, 10. Quicksand

I hope you can use one or maye more of these on your pages and I would love to hear what your favorite journaling font is.

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