Thursday, 17 September 2015


Handlettering and chalk, you can see it everywhere, on cards, notebooks covers, journal cards, planners, at home, advertisement, menuboards…. They are all using Chalkboard Fonts! The great thing about these fonts is that you can use it for anything plus you can use a lot of different font styles together and it still looks amazing! You can combine a thick or thin font, filled or outlined and decoritive with a basic font with some swirls and bows. There 's no wrong or right combo when you are using chalk fonts.

When I was a child I’d love to chalk on my chalkboard, whipe it out and start again. And I still want to make a big chalkboard at my home to use as a familyplanner, to-do-list, reminders and grocerylist board. Browsing on Pinterest you can see a whole lot of great ideas using chalk and chalkboard with amazing (handlettered) chalk fonts.

I am really glad many designer have picked up on chalk so you can also integrate chalk goodness in your scrapbooking projects and pages!

I love Chalkies and Christmas Chalkabouts from PRD. I used the Chalkabouts background paper and number brads to make the preview below featuring a few of my favorite chalkboard fonts that are all free to download.

1. Chalk Outlined, 2. Sign Handwriting, 3. Grutch Shaded, 4. FFF Tusj, 5. Right Chalk, 6. Just Skinny, 7. Blackboard, 8. Roskrift, 9. Return To Sender, 10. Made with B

I'd love to know what your favorite font is and would love to see your chalk projects!

Chalk away :)


  1. thank you love made with B the best just works for me.

    1. Oh yeah Made With B is a great one! I love the little swooshes that make it different and playful.

  2. Thanks so much!! I LOVE Made with B, too. But they are all awesome!! :)