Friday, 18 September 2015


Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Fall begins!! Gosh how I love fall! The brisk cooler weather arrives, allowing us to enjoy those cool mornings sipping a nice hot cup of Coffee, Tea or Cocoa! The leaves start changing and it is energizing! The smells of fall - Apples, pumpkin, and just the air is different too!!! After the warm summer the pop of cool weather perks up the mood and gets us in gear for the end of year.

To get us ready for the new season, I made this fall set of word arts that I know will come in handy!!

Includes: 25 fall/autumn word arts plus 8 stamps that will give all of your fall pages that extra oomph you are looking for.

Here's a bunch of  cozy fall pages by the Pink Ladies and Lillypad Pollies to inspire you.

by diane
by susanne
by cynthia by rozsa
by natascha
by shivani
by ellen by emma
by géraldine

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

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