Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Hello Friends! Today's blog post is another edition of our Three Way series, where we show you how to stretch your stash and/or share some creative ways to better use your stash.

This time I want to talk about a subject that is either loved or hated by most of you: journaling. Regardless of how you feel about journaling, there is no denying that words on a scrapbook page help tell the story or express feelings and emotions. They can give details, record history and provide dates. Whether you choose to journal your heart out or simply grab some Word Art and a Title ... words on your pages can actually be fun, creative and work as a design element. This is what we are going to strive for in this edition of our journaling Three Way; using journaling as design elements on our pages! Let's look to some well known paper scrappers for inspiration.

First up is this clean, minimalist page by littlelamm. I was drawn not only to her heartfelt journaling, but the use of her journaling on vellum, something I used to do all the time in my paper scrapping days. But now that I've gone digital, I find I hardly ever use this technique on my pages and that just shouldn't be!
ONE So our first creative use for journaling on our pages is to use a paper scrapping trick, and journal on some vellum. This look is spectacular when the vellum is overlaid on a great photo. If writing does not come easy for you, you could use a favorite quote or lyrics from a song to express your feelings and still achieve this elegant look.

Here's my page with the title and journaling using The Hedgie Font, on the vellum and then placed over the photo, just like in littlelamm's example. I personally adore this look!

Make sure you check out this amazing new vellum pack, C-Thru's nr. 1 in the shop!

Now let's take a look at another paper scrapper, Jill Sprott.  On her beautiful page she creatively uses tons of layers of labels to tell her story. This is such a playful, bold look and what an awesome way to make use of your label stash!
So our second creative use for journaling is to use lots of labels and write your story in bits & pieces. Your labels could act as speech bubbles or call outs, you could document a "He said, She said" page, or tell the details of a conversation with this technique. So many creative possibilities with this one!

Here is my page with my journaling divided up into the various little labels from different kits.

How perfect is Mirjam's Labels & Tags element pack for this idea?

The last inspiration piece we are going to look at today is by paper scrapper, Sasha Farina. I fell in love with her simple mix of word art strips and playful mix and matching of fonts. What a striking way to include journaling on a page! The splash of color behind the fonts is an extra special little touch that makes the page sing!
So our final creative way to journal on a page is to use journal strips for part of the story, while mixing and matching fonts to call attention to special words that we want to stand out on our page. Using a brush, paint, or transfer behind those fonts takes it a very simple, but creative step further.

Here's my page using this journaling technique.

I used some fun Pink Reptile Designs fonts for this layout. The text is using The First Case font and the bold subtitles are done with The Hedgie Hog font. The transfer behind my bold subtitles is from the Seriously? | Elements kit.


So what do you think? Are you ready to try using journaling as design elements on your pages? I know I am going to be more aware of how I put my words on my pages.

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