Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hello and welcome to the March edition of Pretty Pages where we scour the Pink Reptile Designs Gallery for amazing pages to share with you.

Not Again by Shivani
Love big photos and even more so when they are combined with such a myriad of others & elements like here…all without being messy! The result being a gorgeous and dynamic page full of details and want to spend more time discovering! The child is gorgeous, the color combo perfectly balanced and the journaling, though I can't read it, has to be the wonderful crowning glory and I can't imagine it being anything but wonderful :) My kind of page!!!!


Becos of Love by Agnes purlz76
Love this explosion of color & layering!!!!! Such a gorgeous way to combine patterned papers and colors!!! Love the amount of elements silting all over the page! Her shadows are great [I am a lover of deep dark shadows!] Love how amazingly well done the washi tape is in the bottom &, most of all, I love LOVE love that she takes the time to explain her page…sometimes a page can be so very beautiful but if we don't know what is going on in the action or, like here, in the mind & heart of the scrapper/artist…the page can loose dimension…in here as she shares her thought & feelings, the page gains a superior dimension ….gorgeous page!!!!!


Me at 2 by gybogi
Love how delicate this page is, the retro feeling all over, from the picture to the wonderful border, the neutral background calling attention to they photo, super well thought title with the 2 alphas and such beautiful way of putting the journaling on the lines .


Beautiful pages ladies! And thank you so much for the inspiration!

Remember to keep posting your layouts to the Pink Gallery, and keep an eye here as your page could be in the spotlight next month :)

Happy Scrappin'!


  1. WOwzer !!! CYNTHIA !!!! Thanks for spotlight my page in PRD's blog !!

    * !!! muacks muacks muacks !!! *

    1. congrats Agnes! It's a fabulous page and a well deserved spotlight!

  2. Thanks for putting the spotlight on my page here Cynthia; completely chuffed!!!! :)

  3. And love the other finds...great picks! :)