Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I don't know about you, but I love a scrapbook page with a stand out frame. There's something classic and elegant about a good photo with a beautiful frame laid upon it. Your eye immediately knows where to look. But lately, I'm noticing lots of scrappers who have been using frames in really creative ways on their layouts.

Frames have been around forever and ever ... as long as there have been art or photographs to place inside them. But whether in the scrapbooking world or not, frames can be useful in all kinds of applications. There are certainly no shortages of creative uses for frames found on Pinterest. Just look at some of the ways these creative folks have used frames around the home or office.

I've scanned the PRD TLP gallery and found these inspiring pages where scrapbookers have used frames in unique and creative ways. Maybe it will inspire you to think twice about simply just placing that pretty frame over your photo and moving along?

First Up is a page by Mirjam [I have to admit, this page was the inspiration for this Trendspotting episode]. I love it when designers scrap and this page does not disappoint. The photo is framed in so many creative ways on this one page: the grey cut out frame, the JC, even the stitching grid is acting as a frame here. And I love the look of the cut out frame being titled a bit for visual interest!

Okay? page credits

Here, Sarah/PLM uses an elegant wooden frame that demands attention. However she doesn't simply place the photo neatly inside this beautiful frame. Instead she places it over her photo and leaves the edges of the photo visible underneath. Clever and adds such a subtle, interesting effect!

Take Note page credits

How about this geometric page by Shannon/Roboliver? I love her photo borders. She uses PRD's super cool Fold'em Frames. These frames come as PSD clipping mask files and make it so easy to create an edgey and fun look on your pages! And the framing around her title echos this cool geometric vibe.

That Face page credits

And how adorable is this dreamy page by Geraldine, which has the photo coming right out of the frame? A pocket frame is also used as a matte under the photo, adding some nice layering to the page!

Little Angel page credits

And Em/Justagirl uses a filmstrip with a series of photos for her page, but she takes it a step further and blended a photo into the background while also adding a frame over top the filmstrip to draw the eye in! So effective! Love this idea!

Make Sure page credits

Christa uses a fun circle cut out in her background paper to showcase her photo! She also does not stop there, but adds an overlay to really draw the eye in. It is such a clever way to make a clean page shine and a really unique use for photo overlays!

Friday page credits

One more from Anja using the Torn Treasures Vol. 2 frames by PRD. The torn frame and classic B&W photo are a perfect pair here. A simple kraft background as the foundation helps this image take center stage.

                Be page credits

Did you know that the Pink Reptile Designs store has a category specifically for frames?  You can find them all here: Pink Reptile Designs Frames. And here is a peek at what is in that category:


So what do you think? Inspired by these amazing pages and versatile PRD products to try to mix up the way you frame your photos on your pages? I hope so! And hint,hint ... come back on the 15th for the next challenge. I think there might just be a bit of "creative framing" in your future! 

Either way I am excited to give you this coupon for a 25% discount on ANY of those pink reptile frames!

Happy Scrappin´!

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