Tuesday, 2 September 2014


It is Customer Spotlight time again! Today I am excited to feature the lovely and talented Bobbie. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and spend a little time getting to know Bobbie better!

  Name: Bobbie

  Alias : bjc

  Country: United States

  Favorite PRD Kit or Product: Hard to pick…it’s like picking a favorite child…I love them all!  I guess if I have to say then I love “When I Grow Up” cause it is fun. Love the word art and all the embellishments.  I love “One of a Kind” for just about the same reasons, and love the alphas too.  I use “Date Me All Year Round" a lot.  I always date my pages and look for different ways to include the date.

How long have you been scrapping?
I retired as a Director of an Early Childhood Center and took a class in Photoshop in 2006 as well as several photography classes.  My grandmother has always kept photo albums and I loved looking through them and seeing our family.  There were photos of my dad as a baby going back to the 1920’s and trips they had taken.  The albums she had made were on black pages and she wrote in white ink about the photos.  I wanted to create books like this for my family so that I searched on line to learn more about doing this digitally.  I discovered there were lots of digi scrapping sites and a world wide community.  I became obsessed with learning more and how to create these pages. Since 2009 I have printed a hard cover 12 x 12 book each year of about 100 scrapbook pages I have created throughout the year.  I also have been working on a family heritage book with the family tree and stories of both my family and my husbands that I hope once day to have printed for our children.

What is your go to product? Something that seems to find it’s way on many of your pages?[stitches, tags, patterned papers, doodles, paint, etc]
I like to use patterned papers that work well together.  I also find my pages have stitching and word art. I love pages that use lots of paint and doodles and am inspired to use that more. I often start my pages by using templates but change them around to work for my photo and layout.

What would your dream kit be, if you could have any kit created for you?
This is another hard one to answer because I have a few things that I think of as ME.  My photography and improving it and learning more about photography is something I am always working on so a photography kit would be something for me.  I also cherish my role as a grandma so anything about grandparenting would also be me.  And anything that has design elements that could be used for my heritage pages would also be me. So I guess my dream kit is a photography/grandparenting/family heritage kit!

Best scrapbooking trick you learned.
I love to create shadows that look real and have tried to do this on many of my pages. When I learned that you can put the shadow on it’s own layer and then warp it I began to have lots of fun with shadows.  When I look back on my older pages I see that I didn’t really understand how to use shadows.  I am still learning and want to learn more about shadowing.  I also use the hue/ saturation and colorize to adjust the colors of papers or embellishments if I need to match something on my layout.

Random facts that we might not know about you?
I have lived my entire life in New York State, including going to college and graduate school.  I was married at 19 years of age and have been married for 42 years to my college sweetheart.  We have 3 grown daughters, 3 son in laws and 4 grandsons. Tragically, one of our grandsons was born still at 35 weeks.  Therapeutic scrapping about him was one of the things that helped me with my grief and sadness. Our other grandsons are 5, 11 months, and 6 months. In addition to photography and scrapping I enjoy hiking, biking, travel, skiing and knitting.
Here are a few of Bobbie's favorite layouts:

First Passport

Cousin Love

I loved hearing that your Grandmother's scrapbooks and heritage photos were what got you started in this hobby! I'm sure you cherish those books and photos dearly. I also love the two pages you choose to share with us today. It seems you are definitely carrying on your Grandmother's tradition of being the family memory keeper. Both pages are very classic and photography-focused. The extra time you spend on your shadow work really shows through in your pages. And it is very clear, when looking at your pages that you adore being a Grandmother. Thank you for sharing your work and a little bit about yourself on my blog. I was fun getting to know you better! I hope you enjoy your coupon!


  1. thanks for featuring me...what an honor...love your creative cool products... sent the blog to my entire family so now they can understand my time on the computer :)

    1. Thrilled to read you like the feauture and have shared it with your entire family! I am willing to give them additional explanation if this still doesn't do the trick Bobbie! I bet it will do! Thanks a million for taking the place in the spotlight and for telling us a little more about you! You know I love your pages!

  2. Shared it on Facebook too

  3. Just seeing this post ! Congrat's Bobbie to be feature ! That's a great honor!