Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Let's start with a bit of personal info...

My name is Cynthia- my name in most boards is Mrs Peel, which come from the amazingly awesome British 1960's TV series The Avengers… I was crazy about the program and used to fake illness for my parents to allow me to stay up till 10pm to watch it! LOL

I am Latin through & through, extremely proud of my latinity (if such word exists LOL) I grew up between Brazil & Argentina - lived in many cities of both countries, then in some European cities (mostly in Spain- which I LOVE!) but have been living in London (England) for almost 25 years now, so an adopted Londoner :)

Favourite colour:
Difficult to say which color would be my favourite…love colourful stuff, but when it comes to clothes for example, in these past few years it is mainly black!

Favourite food:
Ohhhh dear……. can I just say "food"? LOL We LOVE eating, cooking at home is a passion and also LOVE eating out! Our most favourite is Sushi, all Japanese food is our treat (as it is so expensive in England) and we have an amazing favourite Italian Restaurant called L'Artista there in London: Italian run by Italian family, gorgeous place, "old" kinda feeling (I have to admit I'm not that much of a fan of modern arquitecture/decoration…give me anything over a 100 years old and am happy!!!
When cooking at home, we make a lot of different stuff, Mexican is something we do a lot, but also, my parents are from Syria and my mum is a divine cook…my daughter could cook a meal for 8 people on her own aged 8!!!! We cook lots of Arabic food, also love trying new recipes…I better not get started on my sweet addiction right now or we ll be here till next month!

Described in one word: One word? ohhh you are asking too much of me LOL I don't do Tweeter because it would be impossible to say anything in JUSY 140 characters LOL…outside the joke?  probably " fighter" :)

Time to talk scrap ...

How and when did you start digital scrapbooking?
In 2006 I was blogging in a site called Vox, it was a very unusual blog site, more like a cross between social network & blog, and  friend in my "neighbourhood" showed me this site called Scrapblog- It was an online scrapping program in beta status so we got everything for free until more or less a year later… for 2 years I only scrapped there, the community was amazing (most of my scrappers friends are still on Facebook and I met lots of them in person) but someone there showed us to a freebie site.

How and when did you end up in a CT/ CT’s?
In the beginning I was downloading each & every pack…then I started "getting" what style designers were my favourites, and started buying from them…there were also some of them that gave some amazing freebies…I felt almost on the obligation to buy…. and that's how I ended up in CT's….
I bought some absolutely awesome word art from Karen Schultz of Snickerdoodle Designs who sent a thank you email after the purchase… I couldn't believe how nice it was, so I wrote back.
We started talking and I showed her some of the pages I made with her stuff, she invited me into her CT…not only that but encouraged me, supported me to a point that I started growing and exploring other horizons….
Found a scrapping home which was it for almost 2 years, applied to a couple of teams and got in (to my huge surprise, if I may add) and then started getting invited…..which was a HUGE thing for me….. :)

How long have you been on my CT?
Ok, I had to go to our forum to see the join date LOL I have serious memory problems at the moment- stuff that messes with my concentration & comprehension of reading, It seems it is going to be a year in 10 days or so…..
I have to say: I had been a customer, passionate about Pink Reptile kits since probably 2010- I LOVE each & every kit and Mirjam's imagination & creativity never ceases to amaze me!!! I consider myself blessed to be in the team :)

What software do you use? What type of camera?
I tried with PSE, I did, honestly…I had some team mates of mine back in 2009 & 2010 trying to teach me over Skype…I just ended up frustrated and even in tears…
I scrap with a program from Serif, called Craft Artist Professional, which does everything PSE does and more…only a LOT easier to use!!!!
I'm happy and don't want to change, though because of the shadow system being very different, sometimes I have to wrestle for hours to get it right (if there is a right or wrong, which I don't really think there is…is a taste thing, in my honest opinion, there are people who love what I'm told is called floating shadows…I don't like them….)
I have a Nikon D40 which I used to use a LOT, was passionate about photography, but as my health started deteriorating and I can't go out much (am almost 90% of my time bed bound) we got a little Cannon point & shoot, so I use both (the Nikon is very heavy when I'm not feeling well)

How would you describe your style?
Right…. style…. I'm not sure. I know I like full pages, I love memory keeping, I make pages telling stories of us as a family, or outings, or my daughter's events…. but I love photoless pages, and I scrap feelings too…..so…anything & everything….



What is your favourite scrapbooking item, something you turn too again and again?
(layout) Oh I LOVE clouds!!!!!!!! clouds, fasteners, stitches, staples, buttons…but clouds are my most favourite!!!


What is your favourite Pink Reptile product and why?
OMG…do I have to choose just ONE???????? I will try, but every PRD kit is a world of wonder!!!!!!  If I definitely have to choose….(can't do one though LOL) Wanderlust & Downtown (collab with ninigoesdigi) are amazing and go well together too, both have so much, so beautiful, and one can make LOTS of pages outside the kit;s theme… also (which is something all PRD kits have) they are great to combine with other kits…Also there are a few elements pack I keep going back too: Simple Things, Lucky in Love…..absolute delight! and I also LOVE an old kit: You ve Got Mail.


Just for fun… tell us all about a quirky habit of yours!
Mmmm…. quirky I assume (yeah, shame on me, 25 years in an English speaking country and still don't get it LOL) is funny?
We are musicals fans here (I was a performer for 30 years, my daughter just finished Performing Arts college) and we break into song of musicals when something happens at home, or one of us did or said something funny…OR ….when the washing machine exploded and the kitchen was flooded with water….we have this ability to turn misery into musicals and see the good side of things  (thank God for that or we would be crying a LOT LOL)

Silliest thing you have ever done… 
Silliest thing… I had to ask Sarita (my daughter) she says there are LOTS to choose from…. she says: putting the car keys in the fridge and us looking for them for a whole day LOL- looking for tea bags in the cutlery drawer… I also change the names of things…

Can you give us a tip on digital scrapbooking?
Tip…right, in line with what I said before (about not believing to be right or wrong) my most heartfelt thing is to be yourself, to scrap with your heart, for you, your family, every scrapbook page is an art piece if made with love :)


  1. Enjoyed your interview. It's great to find out more about designers.

    1. Hapy to read you enjoyed the interview Pam! Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Great interview. You are so amazing, Cynthia! I just love hearing (seeing? LOL) you talk, Queen of Typatives. I love you, my friend, you always make me smile...(when clouds are grey- get it? you love clouds? ) hehehe So glad that you are a Pink Lady of the fantabulous Mirjam! And you know I looove PRD!! :)