Tuesday, 25 March 2014


And it's Cynthia's turn to pick a round of pretty pages from the Pink Reptile Gallery at the Lilypadfor March.

by cynthia

Hi! Hope everyone is well, CynthiaT/ MrsPeel here, delighted to share with you some of the most amazing pages in the Pink Reptile Designs Gallery! Not an easy task to pick just a few, so many awesome creations! But here are my very favorite:

Simple Pleasures by Chigirl 
Cynthia: I love this page for so many reasons!!! I'm amazed at all different takes with the one template for our blog challenge this month, and this is such a great example!!!! love the photo crops and how they break the "balance" making the page full of movement. The main kit she used is one of my most fav from Mirjam, the stitched word art just give the page the crowning touch to have that homey feel... last but not least, I used to be a many cups of coffee a day drinker, but had to switch on to green tea & herbals for health reasons, so I identify all the way. Amazing page!!!

Sitting Pretty by bcgal00
Cynthia: Another marvelous take on the template!!!!! Love how she choose to tell the story, the main photo is just an amazing angle to give the page a wonderful perspective. I'm amazed to see how much there is in the page and still has such a clean cut! I don't often succeed in making clean pages and have the highest respect for those who can! The journaling completes this page so beautifully!

You are Goofy by Justagirl
Cynthia: wOw to this page!!!!! I had to look closer as I thought it could be a photo of an hybrid page, LOVE the shadows here and the background work, the layering is delightful with so many bits & pieces to discover!!!! Love how well the mixture of textures works here, the stamps with the elements and those shadows!!!!!! Of course, the photos are cute overload...irresistible!!!! An amazing page all over.

Week 36 by Ellie
Cynthia: I admire her pages always, and this one is no different! It is inspiring to the point I want to go back in time and start my own weekly scrapping again....love the amount of photos she got in the page, super gorgeous composition, the use of the journal cards is perfect, the few elements perfectly placed and making it all into a gorgeous harmonious page!!!!

Cynthia: Last but never least I couldn't resist and HAD to pick this page by our very own Pink Lady
Natasha with Beautiful Day 
She always brings a ray of sun into my day, her pages are perfect in every milimiter, and she masters any style, from every day memory keeping to the art journal or photo-less pages, and in here I'm loving how much happiness the page delivers! Love how she used the Journal Cards, personalizing the page so well, the photo is gorgeous and so is the tittle work, everything in here screams perfection!!!!

Hope you enjoyed these pages and got as inspired as I am....remember to keep posting your pages to the Pink Gallery, and keep an eye here as your page could be under the spotlight next month :) 


  1. I love those pages :) Super cute :)

    1. Thank you for your kind reply Amara! ♥♥♥

  2. Thanks for the honor :) I love everyone's work!

  3. oh wow, thank you so very much guys for featuring my page and OMG how beautiful are the other two pages what the ladies have done with the sketch is amazing!

    1. Ellie and Tashies pages are equally as amazing too. I realise that I didnt mention them oops sorry lovelies ;)