Tuesday, 14 January 2014


       BY ELINA

I love using pieces of different patterned papers on my layouts. But plain rectangles and squares are booooing so I often spice up my page with a strip of scalloped paper.

Creating a scalloped border is super easy. Here's how you do it:

1. Create a new canvas with transparent background. I usually do this with a 12x12 canvas so I can see the scale better

2. Choose a round brush, rather large (about 250 px - 400 px) and set the spacing to 95%

3. Create a new layer and [while pressing down the shift key] draw a straight line as long as you want your scalloped border to be

4. Create a rectangle with the same length as your line of circles and move it on top of the circles so one edge is scalloped and the other is straight

5. Merge layers – you're done! Easy peasy lemon squeazy :)

With the same method you can create a zig zag border using a triangle brush. Fun, fun, fun! Want to give that zig zag a try? Then click here to download one I made especially for you!

And here is a sample layout I made with a scalloped paper snippet using Bloopers kit by Pink Reptile Designs & Studio 68.

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