Tuesday, 19 November 2013


The Pink Ladies and I often talk about all the wonderful pages that are submitted for the monthly blog challenge and the ones that are being uploaded to the Pink Reptile Gallery at the Lilypad. So many beautiful pages, such creative finds, such talent! We all agreed that we shouldn't just oooh and aaah behind the scenes so we decided to do a monthly feature of just a handful of pages we think deserve a little spotlight.

Pink Lady Nini aka ninigoesdigi is first in line to point her finger at some of her favourites!

ma iou by mscrap
Nini: OK well, what do you want me to say... I'm a total sucker for puppies so let's just leave it to that... lol No? Alright then. I love how eveything leads to the photo, all the little elements and spreads here and there. Very sweet layout and beautiful dog portrait.

Over The Moon by Brandi
Nini: I love the perfect color match with the photo and the graphic look this page has. The title work is really nice and all those elements like the stiches and the buttons to "attach" the photo to the page. Yum!

I am on Cloud 9 by Helen
Nini: I know Helen is on the CT but this page rocks too much not to be noticed!
Clean, graphic, direct, the balance and message of this page are just awesome. As we say in French "thunder struck" when saying you fell in love at first sight. Loooooove this page.

Boy fun in Paris by Bellbird
Nini: I love templates. I'm a total template addict and this template use is great. I also love blendings and that why this page caught my eyes. I love how the big blending in the back mimics the photo in the frame without being "too much" and how the background paper mimics the pavement. Beautiful element choice and super fun page.

Loving You by Fuumokona
Nini: Another template! lol Well, this shows perfectly how the same template can look so different. Sepia photo!! Yum! I just love the color scheme here with the B&W main theme with pops of yellow and green. The brush work is wonderful and I love the elements mix.

A big thank you to the artists for making such beautiful, creative and inspiring pages! Have a wonderful day and Happy Scrapping'!


  1. thank you very much Mirjam and Nini ! I'm so happy to see my page here !

    1. We are more than happy to show it here Marion. It's beautiful!