Friday, 28 June 2013

When I Grow Up and Stunning Stitches no.3

Remember what you wanted to become when you were still in kindergarten? And? Did your dreams come true or did life take you in a completely different direction?

"When I Grow Up" has everything you need to make a page on this very subject! This originally was a collab but I took my part, gave it a dust, added papers and elements and now with a complete upper and lower case alpha, 18 fun papers and 63 unique elements it's also the perfect kit to scrap about what you think your little ones will grow up to be or pages on how some people in your family seem to have never lost their naughtiness and mischievous ways!

20% off through June 30

Apart from the doodled alpha a second, plastic, lower case alpha is included as a BONUS with your purchase!

I also have a new set of Stunning Stitches going in the store today. In this number 3 pack the stitches and the stitches holes are also provided as seperate .png files.
PLUS there's a CU version of the stitches that includes not only the .PNG files but also layered .PSD's and .TIFF's.

STUNNING STITCHES NO.3 for personal AND commercial use
20% off through June 30
20% off through June 30

And here's a bunch of layouts from the Pink Ladies and Lilypad Pollies to inspire you and show you the products in action!

by audrey
by anne
by céline and karen
by helen
by donna and cheryl
 by natascha
 by manuela, susanne, manuela and li li
by marnel
by cynthia, ellen, shannon and carrie
by cynthia

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

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