Friday, 29 March 2013

new: owl my love , owl basics & spring talk

TGIF! With the Easter weekend at our doorsteps I am here to bring you not bunnies, nor eggs and nope not even chicklets buts OWLS!

Oh my gosh I just LOVE owls and I sure hope you do too. If you don't like the real life ones then I for sure you must love the doodly ones and the doll ones right?! If you don't no worries, because I also made a pack of super cool paper basics. Half of them with a compostion book pattern and the other half are matching solids. Plus a pack with Spring themed wordarts that I am sure will come in handy on many occasions!

I made the pack in colours that are really versatile and easy to combine with stuff you have in your stash I am sure!
20% off through Sunday March 31

A great pack of timeless basics, colorwise matching my Owl My Love element pack but also great on their own and combined with other kits. Both elements and papers go great with my I am Not Perfect Papers en Elements, my Bloom kit, Easy Peasy and Booked For Life Kit to name just a handful.
20% off through Sunday March 31
And here's a pack of 20 spring related wordarts [not all are shown in the preview] to use as titles or embellishments and give your pages that extra little oomph!
20% off through Sunday March 31

As always I am leaving you with some inspirational pages by the best CT girls any designer could wish for: the Pink Ladies and Lilypad Pollies!

by karen
by mirjam 
 by marnel
by amber and céline
by ellen
 by natascha
by manuela and iva
 by barbara
by manuela
by amber and jenna
by anne
by audrey
by amber, jenna, susanne and li li
 by cécile

Have a wonderful weekend, good look on the egg hunt and Happy Scrappin'!

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    Enjoy and have a great week.