Saturday, 1 October 2011

about the pink ladies - meet erika aka doodlebop

I am SO blessed with my creative team members! They are not only unbelievably creative, super talented scrappers BUT they are also very sweet and A LOT of fun!! I realized that we needed a name for our gang. Since every designer has A creative team, that title is waaaaaay to general and does not do justice to who they are. Coming up with something wasn't even that hard because there was only one perfect  name: the Pink Ladies! Luckily for me they all loved it when I told them!

So as of today it officially is The Pink Ladies and no longer the Pink Reptile CT.

I also think it is high time that I put these girls in the spotlight! They are, after all, the ones that make my products shine and turn them into works of art.

Meet Pink Lady Doodlebop
I asked Erika a bunch of questions, so you will be able to get to know her a little.
Here is what she had to say!

1. How and when did you start digital scrapbooking?
I started early 2009, but I didn't really start scrapping seriously until October 2009 when I embarked with you (Mirjam) on your journey.

2. How and when did you end up in a CT/CT's?
I had been on a few before joining yours but I didn't really know what I was doing. Remember you took me under your wing and gave me advice to help me improve my scrapping? I am so thankful for that! You know I  still go to you to this day to ask if something looks okay or if I need to do something different. I definitely value your opinion.

3. How long have you been on my CT? (grinning while asking because I know the answer of course)
Well, I can honestly say I have been on your Creative Team since the beginning (October 15, 2009). I was your first CT member. I still remember when you asked me about taking on a couple more people because you were worried about how things would go. Look at you know! You have come a long way and you are one heck of a designer! I might be just a little biased, but that's okay lol.

4. What software do you use and what type of camera?
 When I scrap I use Photoshop Elements 8.0 and I use Lightroom 2.0 to play some with my photos. My camera right now is a Sony Cybershot point & shoot camera, but at the beginning of next year I plan to upgrade to a better one. My poor camera has taken so many photos (mostly of my boys) that I think it is slowly dying on me.

5. How would you describe your style and could you tell us a little something about your scrapping routine?

My style is eclectic and by that I mean I scrap anywhere from clean & simple to complex pages full of details. The thing that I love to d,o that isn't always so easy, is journaling. I love to chronicle things in life by really telling a story. My journaling always comes straight from the heart. We are only supposed to show one page here, but I have two that I want to show. One that is more up to date and then one that I did a while back and that means so much to me. I am allowed to do that since I am the first CT member, right? LOL

When I Grow Up Collab by Foxy Designs & Pink Reptile Designs
JumpStart your memories templates-Collection 3 by Jumpstart Designs

psst, do you recognize this woman? LOL! she is da bomb!

You've Got Mail by Pink Reptile Designs
(Note from Mirjam: Yep, Erika made this page for me and I still get moved to tears when I read the journaling! It also got her a well deserved GSO!)

6. What is your favourite scrapbooking item, something you turn too again and again?
I am a flowers girl. I love all kinds of flowers and most of pages have at least one or more on them. I even use them on my boy pages and I always get comments about how great it is to see flowers on a boy page. In my opinion flowers doesn't make a page girly in any way. I think it just adds a touch of beauty to the page!

Life is Good Collab Bundle from Pink Reptile Designs and Val C. Designs

7. What is your favourite Pink Reptile product and why? 
That is a tough one since I love everything you make and that is just not me trying to butter you up either. Your kits are always amazing. With that said I think my fave product from you is True to Yourself. I love what this kit stands for, probably because you made it at my request, and the colors you chose when you made it are just perfect.

The layout I made at the time you made the kit.

True to Yourself by Pink Reptile Designs,

This is a more recent one I did with True to Yourself.

True to Yourself by Pink Reptile Designs,
Outside the Box by Just Because Studio

8. Just for fun… tell us all about a quirky habit of yours! 
I get teased about this a lot, but when I eat a meal I have to eat one thing at the time. What I mean is if my meal is chicken, potatoes, and veggies then I have to eat one of them before I start eating another one. I have always been like this. I'm a weirdo what can I

9. Name 5 things that you can touch RIGHT NOW from where you are sitting, no
Pudding cup courtesy of Gavin, diet coke, candle, my camera, and Noah's progress report from school.

10. Silliest thing you have ever done…
Well, I do silly things on a daily basis so picking just one is a I would say the silliest thing I have ever done is the time that I went to the grocery store to buy groceries and when I went to pay I realized that I left my wallet at home. Yea, that was a fun

11. Can you give us a tip on digital scrapbooking? 
I guess my best tip would be when you journal on a page, always make sure to journal from the heart. You want to pull the person looking at your page in and make them feel the emotion you are trying to convey. Make sure that you journal it the way you would want it to sound if you were telling it to someone.

Thanks Erika for braving it in the spotlight and giving us a chance to getting to know you! Want to see more of Erika's gorgeous layouts? Then check her amazing gallery and be inspired!


  1. Thank you, Mirjam, for allowing me to be a part of your awesome team! You are the best! <3

  2. that was so nice to read! so nice to get to know you, erika!!

  3. Love the interview, Erika! Yo are such a sweetie and I loved reading this.

  4. Erika!!! I love this interview so much!!! Thanks to you both sweeties!

  5. Great interview!! It was great getting to know you better.

  6. What a great interview with Erika!
    You are one lucky gal to have her on your team Mirjam :-D

    And oh gosh, that Dear Mirjam-page, I recognize it now, I loved it!!
    I just didn't know it was about you! haha

  7. Woot wot!! Great interview!! You are the reason I'm on Mirjam's team and I7m so thankful for that! Smack!!
    I'm with you on sushis lol! You rock and it was great to know more about you!

  8. Thanks everyone! I loved reading all of the comments! Sandra, that means a lot when you say she is lucky to have me because I think it is the other way Nini, if you lived here we would definitely go have some sushi and I cannot believe that I have known you for so long now. *sigh* I am one lucky "pink" lady!