Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas games at Zig Zag Scrap

Icelandic Christmas Lads will invade Zig Zag Scrap from December 12th. There will be megabytes to win, gifts to grab and a lot of fun...!!!

But let me tell you the story.....

The Christmas lads (who are called Jólasveinar) are trolls (or kind of...) that live in the mountains close by Reykjavik in Iceland, and once a year they come to town, one by one.
In the old days, they were coming to play bad tricks on people. Even steal from them! Nowadays however they are much nicer. They bring small gifts to every kid that's been nice and sweet... a potatoe to those that weren't.
There are 13 of them, and they start coming on the 12th of december right up until the 24th.
........... and then on the morning of the 25th......the "real Santa" will come...........

Make sure you keep track of what is going on by visiting the ZZS blog around that time because I can tell you it will be worth your while!

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