Saturday, 25 September 2010

keeping a promise

I never noticed that no one ever left me a comment on my blog. I just thought hardly anyone ever came for a visit...and if they did there apparently wasn't anything to comment about. I certainly never thought it would be the photo of my ribbon stash that made Nini ask why I didn't allow comments on my posts.
(she wanted to tell me how jealous she was of my neat & tidy ribbon collection. Go figure!)
?????? Didn't ALLOW ?????
As far as I could remember I never told the Blogger program people weren't allowed to leave comments....
Since I am a-technical when it comes to blogs I told Nini that if she could tell me what needed to be done so she, and everyone else for that matter, could leave a comment I would also show her how I sort my brads.

So.....this is how I sort them Nini!


  1. Can I come and play with you?
    P L E A S E!!!

  2. Anytime Barbara! I'll put on a kettle!

  3. It looks yummy like a box of chocolates !!!! MERCI !!! Glad you found your way in the blogger technical mysteries and I feel proud that a Wordpress person was able to help you...yep, I'm a Wordpress girl and I helped her ! Self woot woot !! :lol!:
    I should stop here or you will start to regret putting the comment section up ha ha ha !

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I have a good collection too - though I sent most of my ribbon to Goodwill a few months ago when we made a MAJOR purge of our basement. Mine aren't quite as neat, though! ♥

  5. Great collection, and what a story *lol* sometimes i hate those programmers