Saturday, 25 September 2010

battle of the creative team at DSA

Woooohoooooo! I am so proud! Erika, Barbara, Nini, Rebecca and Disléa are going to represent me in the battle of the CT's 2010 at DSA!
They are starting October 11th and of course I am going to keep you all posted on their adventures! So stay tuned!

Oh and there's more news to tell! My dear friend Candice is making a Facebook Fanpage for me! Yeaaaaaah! As I said earlier I am a-technical when it comes to things like that and Candice is a Facebook master! I'll let you  know when it is finished! Duh!
Ooh I am so excited about everything.....and you are not going to believe this but there's also a new collab coming out next Thursday....I'll ask my 'designer partner in crime' if I can show you a preview......


  1. W00T W00T We are going to have fun!!

  2. Wahoo!!!! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!