Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Way way back writing used to be a real job. There were no computers that did everything but the human hand wrote hours and hours and page after page and all of that with an old-fashioned dip pen and ink. Writing a book was a monks jobit took months to make just one book. All that was done in a beautiful graceful way; the art of calligraphy.

After the invention of the printing press the writing professions slowly becoming redundant. Since 1850 the interest in calligraphy revived. First as a hobby, but gradually calligraphy developed itself to an independent art form and now it is again quite hip to create beautiful hand-lettering.
Inspiration found on Pinterest

You can use calligraphy fonts for birth-announcements and wedding-event invitations, original hand-lettered design for logo’s, moving images for film and television or for just an adress on an envelop for snail-mail. Of course you can do it by hand too, there are many tutorials online to see how you can make a beautiful word with a brush pen. 

There are also many amazing calligraphy fonts online to help make your own invitations or an eyecatching title on your layout or just put a quote on a journal card. How about using one of these gorgeous free calligraphy fonts:

I still want to learn the hand-lettering, got all the things I need, just have to find the time!

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  1. great selection...thanks for posting. love ballerina script