Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Hey everyone! I'm here today to share a quick idea for using elements a little bit differently than the usual cluster. My inspiration comes from the cute copper heart cut-outs (there's a stamp version of the hearts too that you could try this look with) found in the new kit More Than You Know. I thought it would be pretty to use these layered as a border running along one of my page edges. I love how one element clustered together for the length of the page can create such a big impact ... and the best part is that it is so easy to do.

Like I mentioned you can try this with other elements - such as the stamped hearts or the ampersand in the kit. Beautiful word art phrases would be pretty to try or maybe even a butterfly. You could vary the sizes and even add in a couple other butterflies from different kits for some added colors. A simple border of buttons lined up would be super cute too.

Here's an example by Neftali Zambrano, which I found on Pinterest, with paper tickets lined up (and color blocked) creating a gorgeous border:

Here's one more example of this idea that I found on Pinterest using a circular word art stamp to make a border by Tachita55:

So next time you are drawing a blank how to get that canvas going for a scrapbook page, consider starting with one element and filling it up on one edge to make a custom border and see where your page goes from there.

Friday, 7 December 2018


A little while ago during a live chat I was asked to make a kit about feeling depressed, sad and/or frustrated. Up until now I never really did that. Of course I know the feelings and have scrapped several 'sad' pages for me personally but I have never openly shared them and was a bit apprehensive about creating such products.

So...it took me a while but this month I sat down and honored my promise because life simply isn't just fun and games right? To be able to truly document our lives, the sad stuff also needs to be told.

Having said that you will see that there's enough neutral elements in there to scrap a happy page too! It's a collection that you will be able to use again and again! The new packs are ALL 20% off through December 9 but of course there's special offers for newsletter subscribers!!! Not a subscriber yet? Click HERE to join the gang!

A great set of 69 unique elements in all kind of shapes, sizes, textures and styles. Especially made for scrapping those moments of personal struggle, sadness and frustration. But verstaile enough fro using it for a happy or neutral themed page! 


A great set of 12 slightly grungy, timeless patterned papers, 12 alternate color combinations PLUS 14 gorgeously textured matching solids. Which makes this a fantastic pack of 38 papers in total!!


A realistic go to tattered and worn lower case alpha with numbers and a bit of punctuation that comes in 12 easy to use and re-use colors! Perfect for mixing and matching and creating eye catching titles. Also cute as tiny monograms.


And with that I want to wish you a great weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Many of us started out paper scrapbooking before we ever even considered digital. And because of that we often want at least some of our digital pages to LOOK like paper ones. The first thing new digital scrappers learn to help make that happen is drop shadows. You put the very first one on an element and you think “THAT’S IT!” But the more you learn about drop shadows, you realize one size does not fit all! The standard drop shadows don’t really work well on clear or transparent elements and we are going to learn how to create drop shadows that will look more realistic.

First, let’s learn a little about the drop shadow dialog box. This is the default drop shadow in PSCC:

1. Blend Mode: how the drop shadow will interact with the layer below it
2. Shadow color: default is dark which will be a bit harsh
3. Opacity: the level of opaqueness
4. Angle: the lighting angle at which the shadow is applied. We all tend to develop a favorite.
5. Distance: how far between the item being shadowed and the layer below. The smaller the number, the closer to the background.
6. Spread: how far the base shadow spreads
7. Size: the amount of blur applied to the drop shadow

You’ll notice the default shadows are dark and muddy looking. The first thing you might want to change is the Blend Mode, probably to linear burn or maybe even color burn. This seems to decrease the gray cast but still preserving the clarity of the element. The next step would be to decrease the opacity below 50% and to change the shadow color either to a medium dark gray or brown or even to sample the layer underneath the acrylic element and choose a darker version of it.

See how changing the blend mode reduces the gray cast and makes the paper below much more clear? I did have to reduce the opacity on the linear burn example to maintain clarity.

The next adjustments we might make are with the distance, spread and size. Too high of a distance and it will seem to float which isn’t what we are looking for. Having the size smaller than the distance can lead to nicer edges. In general, the thicker the acrylic element, the larger the numbers, thinner transparent elements like digital plastic pockets would have smaller numbers.

Now we’re cooking! The second two options are much more realistic than any of the ones demonstrated so far. This might be just enough to make you feel comfortable with the drop shadow on your clear acrylic elements. But we can try one additional thing to add a touch more realism.

You’ll right click on the fx symbol on your clear element in the layers palette and pull down to Create Layer. This will separate the shadow layer from the element itself. Then, right click on the shadow layer and select Duplicate Layer or go up to the Layer pull down menu at the top of your screen. Both shadow layers should be below your element. The bottom one is going to be the outer shadow and the top one is going to be the inner shadow.

Then, you’ll ctrl-click/cmd-click on the thumbnail of the element layer. This brings up the marching ants. Then move your mouse down to the bottom shadow (outer shadow) layer in the layers palette and hit the delete key. This removes the shadow underneath the element and creates the shadow around it. Next, move your mouse to the top shadow (inner shadow) layer in the layers palette. This time we want to delete the area outside the element so we’ll select the Inverse (ctrl-shift-I or cmd-shift-I) or go up to the Select pull down menu and choose Inverse. Then hit the delete key. Ctrl-d/cmd-d to deselect. Feel free to adjust the fill opacity of one or both shadow layers to your liking.

The difference is really subtle but it’s there. The bottom two flowers with the separated shadows are a little more clear.

But what if your background isn’t solid? Does that change things? Absolutely, it might! Here are the same flowers on a patterned paper background.

At this point, it’s all up to personal preference. Your choice will depend on the element, perhaps if it is completely clear or has writing or words on it or even the size of the element itself to help you decide which blending mode, level of opacity and distance/size works for your page. Keep tweaking those settings until it’s just right! If you come up with a few favorites, consider saving them as custom styles so you can pull them up again. Or you could create an action for the shadow separation steps to make that part a bit quicker.

So what’s your favorite of the ones shown? Do you have a different shadowing method for clear elements that is your go-to? Share with us in the comments below.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Hello friends! I get to spend time in the PRD gallery looking at all of November's creations! It was chock full of beautiful layouts and definitely tough to narrow things down to just three, but here are my picks!

First up is this beautiful page about This Beautiful Life by Lor. It really feels like a party or celebration with the rainbow colored elements and scatters. And of course the photo with the confetti is the star of the page blended onto the clean, crisp white background. This page captured a lot of enthusiasm from the community and I can see why. So creative, happy and beautifully scrapped. Love it and thanks for sharing Lor!

pink reptile designs blog

Next is Xmas by Ferdy. The cute cut out design captured my eye right away! And the way each snowflake is adorned with a sweet little element is just darling. I love the way that some of the snowflake circles are see through - to the background paper - and then some have a different paper behind them. So sweet and playful! Love it!

pink reptile designs blog

And the final page that caught my eye this month, The Mustache by LoveItScrapIt, also caught the GSO blog's eye. Just look at it ... the soft grey background makes all the pretty colors sing and the photos pop! And the way the Then and Now photos tell the story of this mustache milestone is so cute. What a difference 9 years makes! I love the repetition of the WA and the fun title. Beautifully scrapped and documented!

pink reptile designs blog

Keep making those pages and sharing them in the Pink Reptile Designs Gallery! Your page might just be the next one featured on the blog!

Friday, 23 November 2018


I'm so EXCITED!!! 

It's Black Friday and I have a great selection of products NEW and OLD for you at an AMAZING discount! 
With the Month Of Challenges only a few weeks away.. you don't want to miss out on picking up these goodies!


First of there this new products bundle. The individual packs are available at 30% off through November 26
buying ALL 6 products will cost you only 6 dollar!!!



The individual packs are available at 30% off through November 26

A great set of 60 quirky and unique elements  [64 in total] in all kind of shapes, sizes, textures and styles. Especially made for scrapping those everyday life little big moments.


  • A beautiful, luxurious set of alphas in wood, wire, bakelite and a pencil sketched version!  Perfect for mixing and matching and creating eye catching titles. Also cute as tiny monograms. Guaranteed to add that extra little oomph to your pages! That little bit of pencil dust that's shown in the preview is also included in the pack.
  • 15 unique stitches that will add a realistic touch to your pages and give them that extra little oomph! [provided in seperate .PNGs]

This fun set of stapled down paper date labels was made to make sure you don't forget to mark the date!  The neutral color will go with any palette you are working with!
Includes: January 1st through December 31 PLUS a blank one. That's 367 labels in total [all sperate .pngs]


A must have pack of 15 timeless go to kraft papers and 15 white papers. There's cardstock, handmade paper, fabric, canvas, felt, folded and even a leather ones. The perfect start of ANY page!

page by fe
page by anne
page by dianepage by christa
page by karen

page by ellen


It is that time of the year again!  In case you were wondering if there would be any big sales on Black Friday...The answer is YES!
Apart from the NEW PRODUCT BUNDLE above I ALSO made 4 MEGA stash building bundles with older, previously released  products.

These will all come in mighty handy for TLP's Month Of Challenge's in January 2018 and will ONLY be available through november 27!!


12 packs for 12 dollar [74% off]

This Special Black Friday Element Bundle includes these previously released element packs that hold 604 unique elements [705 in total] :
  • Worn Treasures Vol.1
  • New Beginnings Elements
  • A SLice Of Lemon Elements
  • Exercise Energize Elements
  • Scrap Fever Elements
  • Embrace Elements
  • It's Cold Outside Elements
  • If Only Elements
  • Blue Skies Elements
  • Bakers Gonna Bake Elements
  • Awesome Sauce Elements
  • Time Flies Elements


12 packs for 9 dollar [78% off]

This Special Black Friday Paper Bundle includes these previously released paper packs with a total of 247 papers!!
  • It's Cold Outside Papers
  • Bring On The Weekend Papers
  • C-Thru's nr. 2 Vellums
  • A Slice Of Lemon Papers
  • So Take Shape Papers
  • Time Flies Papers
  • New Beginnings Papers
  • Scrap Fever Papers
  • Blue Skies Papers
  • Fancy Whites Papers
  • Bakers Gonna Bake Papers
  • Embrace papers

12 packs for 6 dollar [80%off]

This Special Black Friday Alpha Bundle includes these previously released alpha packs:
  • O Christmas Tree Alpha
  • Corkee Alpha
  • Ink Pad Alpha
  • Sisters Alpha
  • Take Note Alpha
  • Blue Skies Alpha
  • XOXO Alpha
  • If Only Alpha
  • V for Veneer Alpha
  • I am Not Perfect Alpha
  • Scrap Fever Alphas
  • Gratitude Alpha

12 packs for 6 dollar [72%off]

This Special Black Friday Alpha Bundle includes these 5 previously released stitch packs:
  • Stunning Stitches No.4
  • Stunning Stitches No.5
  • Stunning Stitches No.6
  • Stunning Stitches No.7
  • Stunning Stitches No.8

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Shoppin'!