Tuesday, 11 May 2021



May is all about flowers and wreaths, so I wanted to create a digital wreath that will stay fresh forever!
The first step was to arrange the foliage in a circle.
May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 60MOSHe
Then I added the flowers: the new BYOC "Why not" by Pink Reptile Designs includes so many flowers in various colors, that made my project a lot easier!
May 2021 Blog Post Calendar Y2ZkwqO
And since it's a digital wreath, I was able to add many other things, like strings, little bows, tags, lace, without worrying how to attach them. At this point I had 93 layers on my layout.
May 2021 Blog Post Calendar LouuMNs
The next step was to add the background papers. I chose a simple craft paper for the main background, and a beautiful floral paper as a page frame with a cutout effect (I used a style by Mommyish).
But, despite the 95 layers, my page seemed "empty", with too much white space.
May 2021 Blog Post Calendar AVIGvVR

So I played with a stock photo that cracks me up.
May 2021 Blog Post Calendar IvsL5Yx
The result is a happy spring page.

Here you can see all the steps in an animated gif. And this will probably be the theme of my next blog post! Until then, enjoy life and then scrap it!
May 2021 Blog Post Calendar HZWLqnS

Monday, 10 May 2021



 Hi Everyone!

Before I started digitally scrapping, I was a die-hard paper scrapper.  Since, moving to the digital world, I am still very much inspired by paper layouts. At times, I still struggle with finding just the right touch digitally.  I recently decided to embrace that struggle and use it to challenge me to find ways to incorporate some of those paper scrapping concepts in a digital layout.  This is my very first tutorial as a Pink Lady and I’m going BIG.  I’m going to walk you through creating a layered .psd file that will be used as an element in my final layout.

I found this particular layout on Pinterest/Scrapbook.com and fell in love with the layout, more specifically the fringe. With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, why not be inspired by a little Mexico and let’s make some fringe!

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar Confet11

To create the fringe:
1.  Start with a 12x12 sized document in Photoshop

2.  Using the rectangle tool, I made my first piece of fringe by creating a tall slender rectangle 45px w x 450px high (feel free to use your own sizing for personal preference). I made my fill color as gray and also made sure there wasn’t any stroke applied & moved the rectangle to the edge of the left side.

3. With my first piece of fringe created, I duplicated it 3 more times to get 4 separate fringe pieces.

4. I then arranged the fringe pieces in a row where the top and bottom of the pieces are aligned and the spacing in between the fringe pieces are very minimal.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 110

5. I then color coded each a different color. Later on, I will be combining these layers so the color code makes it easier to group them (promise, it will make sense later).  To color code the layer, I went to the layer, hovered over the “visibility/eye” icon and right clicked, this then provided me the option to choose a color, I chose red, (but feel free to choose a color of your choice).

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 210

6. I repeated this process for each layer until I had 4 different layer color codes.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 310

7. The goal is to have the fringe elements go across the entire width of the canvas. The easiest way to do this is by duplicating the current fringe elements.

8. Start by selecting the fringe layers and press CNTRL + J/Command + J (shortcuts for duplicating). The duplication, stacked the copy on top of my original, so while they are still selected, I moved these elements so that they are now beside my original.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 510

9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until the fringe elements go across the whole width of the canvas/page.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 610

10. Next, I grouped the fringe layers by the layer color code. To do this, I started with the bottom layer (I started with my red layer), while pressing CNTRL/Command, I then clicked on each layer that had the red color code.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 710

11. Once all the red coded layers were selected, I then merged all these layers into one layer. To do that, I pressed CNTRL + E/Command + E.

12. Repeat steps (10 & 11 for each color code).  After repeating for each color code, I was then back down to 4 color layers.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 810

13. I then added a band across the top like what you would normally see in fringe.  I did this by using the rectangle tool and creating a rectangle that was the width of the canvas and approximately 280 px tall (you can make this to your personal preference as well).  I made the fill gray and no stroke.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 910

14. I then moved the band down to overlap the top edge of the fringe. I overlapped approximately half of the band onto the top of the fringe.

15. When you look at fringe in real life, it generally doesn’t lay flat and some pieces curl up more than others.  To achieve this look, I warped color-coded layers to different degrees.

16. I selected the red layer, clicked edit from the main menu, selected transform path and then selected warp. The warp selection gives you these little “dot handles” to use to warp you image, I just nudged all the dots at the bottom of the image up slightly.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 10-red11

17. For the green layer, I repeated step 16 except, I nudged the dots up and very slightly to the right.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 11-gre11

18. For the blue layer, I repeated step 16, except, I nudged my dots up and to the left slightly.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 12-blu11

19. For the purple layer, I repeated step 16, except I nudged the dots on the end up and slightly to the right and 2 dots in the middle up and  slightly to the left.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 13-pur10

20. I then added a drop shadow to each layer except the rectangle band across the top. Since this isn’t a merged element, you want that to remain flat, so do not add a drop shadow to it.  For the fringe layers, I added the drop shadow with the following characteristics:

i. Blend mode: Linear Burn
ii. Opacity 42%
iii. Angle 90 degrees
iv. Distance 18
v. Spread 0
vi. Size 15
vii. Quality: Contour-Linear
viii. Unselect layer knocks out drop shadow

21. The completed fringe should look similar to this after the drop shadow is applied.

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar 1410

22. To save this for future use, be sure to trim and save as .psd.  To trim, select image from the menu bar/ trim/ transparent pixels. (Make sure your background doesn’t have a color layer or this won’t work).  Once trimmed, save it to your preferred location.

Note: This fringe works best as a layered .psd file/element as this approach gives the fringe a more realistic fringe look.  Also, feel free to play with the warping and shadowing and tweak to your preference.

NOW.......Let's see how this fringe looks in a layout!

Here’s the layout I used with the fringe that I just created.  I used “No Probllama,” the entire collection for this layout.  I started with a template and added the fringe as a background element.  Each row of fringe, has all five layers present.  I clipped my paper choices to each layer in each row of fringe.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun with this!  I hope that you give this fringe a try and can't wait to see how you make it your own!

May 2021 Blog Post Calendar Prd_no10

Friday, 7 May 2021


Welcome to a new month and new BYOC (Build Your Own Collab) at the Lily Pad.

May is a great month... Spring is in full mode, we just finished the fun iNSD activities and Sunday is Mother's Day in many parts of the world. So much fun is happening and things are starting to open up with precautions after a year of limitations due to COVID.

With that in mind I wanted to create something fun to play with, something easy to use an re-use and I named my packs "Why Not".

The whole collection will be 20% off through May 9th and of course there's special offers for newsletter subscribers!!! Not a subscriber yet? Click HERE to join the gang!

Now...Why not have a look and the new stuff... 



A great set of 63 unique elements [98 in total !!!!!] in all kind of shapes, sizes, textures and styles. The perfect set for some fun pages! You can do it! Go for it! I mean....Why Not?

A great set of 10 beautiful, subtly textured patterned papers, 10 alternate color combinations PLUS 12 gorgeously textured matching solids. Which makes this a pack of 32 papers!! in total.

This fun and playful plastic alpha includes upper case, lower case, numbers and punctuation. All seperate .png's, 86 characters per color, 12 colors in total. Perfect for some fun mixing and matching titling or eyecatching monograms.

Rejoice in the little things, give in to whatever tugs at your heart...and off you go!
Let these 4 amazing 12 x 12 templates help you tell your stories in an eye catching way.

 And with that I want to wish you a great weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

Friday, 30 April 2021



Woohoot! It's iDSD weekend and we are celebrating HUGELY at the Lilypad. Not only are there lots and lots of fun games to play and prizes to win but there's also TONS OF MONEY TO SAVE on older AND brand new products!!!

There's still time left to enter our Pick Your Prize Giveaway. Make sure  to enter your favorite Pink Reptile Product thread before Saturday, May 1, at 11PM EST.

1. I am kicking of with TWO fabulous brand new collabs. For the first one I teamed up with fellow designers Rachel Jefferies, Micheline Lincoln and Valeria Piemonte from Little Butterfly Wings. We had so much fun creating that we ended up with an obscene amount of elements, papers and other stuff.


 2. The second collab I made with magical template designer  Fiddle-Dee-Dee. Don't you agree her templates are alwyas a feast to the eye?! Included in this one is a super fun and versatile kit, stacked with delicious elements and papers, a matching alpha in 10 colors plus four super yummy [pun intended] templates. Everything you need to create the coolest pages!


3. And lastly there's this amazing CU bundle of 5 brand new products for 8 dollars ONLY thru May 3rd. 


And with that I am wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Shoppin'!