Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Hi everybody, Rikki here and today I want to show you an easy way to use a pretty clean template and add a little mixed media charm. Not much, mind you, just a bit to make it look slightly messy.

I started with the template that was provided for free for the September/October template challenge and stripped it of all embellishments, so that only the paper layers were left. Then I removed all the drop shadows and never put any on them again.
After adding the papers and my photo to all the given layers (there were only five left incl. the background) I started to look for some mixed media products to use.  I used mainly the Bon Voyage papers and elements for this page (unless mentioned otherwise).
On top of the photo went a stamp, an arrow and a word sticker. Then I added some watercolour under the photo and duplicated and repositioned it. Under the watercolour I added (again duplicated and repositioned) a stamp of a map as well as a dotted stamp (from Stamp it No. 2).
On top of the watercolour layers I used a gesso chevron (again, twice) and a strip of gesso (both from Gesso it vol. 2). Something seemed to be missing on the right, so there went a slide frame - partially hidden - and a small flower. In the top left corner I placed a small fabric label and - to ground the photo - I put some corner stitching into its bottom right (from Stunning Stitches no. 4).
I then arranged and placed the quote - and was done.

Links to products:
Bon Voyage papers & elements
Stamp it No. 2
Gesso it Vol. 2
Stunning stitches No. 4

You can see the seprate steps in the gif below.

So you see, even though Mirjam's style seems very clean there is always plenty of stuff in her kits to give you page a little mixed media vibe.


  1. I love the steps video! So cool!

  2. Thanks, Monica. I think those gifs are great. They are not as long as a video but still give an idea what was being done.