Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Hi Everyone! It's Jenn, jk703, here for a fun little tutorial! This one you can add to almost any paper layer, and even try it on some photos, if you like! It's perfect for stretching your stash, and looks best with plain paper! :) Hoping you like it! For my layout and tutorial images, I used Mirjam's new BYOC items - Love Lives Here! Perfect for fall and very versatile for non-fall too!

First, I have a blank white layer to start. If you are in the middle of a layout, create a new layer. It doesn't have to be filled white. (The next step will do that automatically).

Now, we are going to start out with the Gradient Tool. You will want the first choice - black to white gradient, and I used the Diamond Gradient. That is the last box of the options for how the gradient will appear on the layer. One thing that is important is to choose the Difference Blend Mode.

With the white layer or empty new layer, you will click and drag your cursor across the page. Here I did the click and drag approx. 4 times, all on the same layer.

Keep adding more lines, go up and down, sideways, right to left, whichever way you want. When you are happy, your layer should look like some variation of this:

Next, we are going to use a Filter. With your newly made gradient layer chosen, now click on Filter > Stylize > Emboss.

A menu will pop up. Play with the sliders until it looks right to you. I wanted a more crisp line, so my pixels are lower in height. Sometimes, when I played it seemed to get super blurry. At that point, I brought the sliders back to 0 and tried again slowly.

Once you are happy with the Emboss filter, bring in a paper over the Gradient Layer. Then choose the Overlay Blend Mode. Like this:

You can also add an Adjustment Layer, Curves. I tweaked the darker colors a smidge so that my angles had a little bit of additional shadow. Here is what I came up with.

I was playing around, and tried white paper - it's still a work in progress, I think my shadowing could be more defined. The orange was just a little to overpowering for my photo and layout. So, I just made that part of the paper stack on the right.

I would love to see what you create using this technique!
Have fun learning!

Thanks for visiting!
Jenn Marione (jk703)

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